Kiffin violated two recruiting rules

Lane Kiffin violated two rules during recruiting weekends in Knoxville, reported.

The violations included use of a fog machine during an official weekend visit and a mock press conference. The violations took place January 9 and January 16. UT reported it via letter January 26.

“The violations occurred due to an incorrect assumption by the football coaching staff regarding official visit activities,” Tennessee wrote in its letter as reported by “UT issued letters of admonishment to Kiffin and Orgeron and provided the coaching staff with a review of NCAA legislation regarding official and unofficial visits.”

The violations appear to have taken place due to the Tennessee coaching staff’s misunderstanding of NCAA rules.

Misunderstanding recruiting rules seems to be a common issue for Lane Kiffin and his Tennessee staff. Last week Kiffin wrongly accused Florida coach Urban Meyer of cheating. Kiffin later apologized and was reprimanded by the SEC.

According to the report, Tennessee “issued letters of admonishment” for Kiffin and recruiting expert Ed Orgeron. Read more at


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    Bob, we’re going to be beating this horse for a while. You might as well get used to it. Over the next few years he’ll give us more material than Hancock Fabrics. Thank you Tennessee.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    They have no intention of letting it go. I would have thought that he almight Bama would be above petty B.S. like this. Maybe they arent as Almighty and Classy as they would like to think.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1………go back to down under and zip your trap. You dont know nuttin.

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    Ballplay and class=oil and water
    I like how Ballplay has taken it upon himself to be the guru on Class here. Is that all you got man? Class went out the window years ago. This is the cutthroat SEC, and you better be able to baack up what you preach here. That is the way it has been for awhile now. What about how in the heck will Auburn counter Saban? That’s what I want to here from you Auburn guys, but I don’t expect any answers to that. Roll Tide, Rot in Hell Auburn!
    How’s that for class Ballplay?

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I like your class. I have never said , nor will I say I have “class”. But I know what it means. This whole hirnets nest was poked when I called out cap for bustin on Kiffins nuts about having no class. Then I responded by pointing out that (like you just said) very few have any. But there are some out there. Mark Richt is the epitome of class. And hes a succesful coach.

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