What they are saying about the Capstone Report

That website is the Alabama equivalent of Al-Jazeera—IPOrange

This is stupid… par for the course from Alabama—Clay

“The CRAPstone Report”…bozo bammer…If the Alabama nation wants to take this rivalry back to the old days, where its was an honorable rivalry, based on respect, then these bammer voices have to go away.—Volfan_Brian

The only thing that is a joke is this site and the one who wrote it!!—Mike

you bloggers are like a bunch of high school girls.—Kevin


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I kind of like it………It reminds me of a bad Jerry Springer episode.

  2. 2

    Hell Its a GOOD Jerry Springer episode.
    I am a “BARNIE” And I emjoy the Banter here, and some of the writings…

    keep up the good work Cap and ya know its coming….
    If they dont like what you do here..FUK EM! 😉


  3. 5
    War Bloggle is an Idiot

    Hey you bitches! You want some cheese to go with that whine? The Capstone Report is both informative and frank. The only “crime” that Cap is guilty of is not hating Saban; something that people in orange and purple do routinely.




    12-2 (and it would have been 13-1 but for the avarice of a left tackle and his extended family, as well as the apathy of two defensive coaches)

    #1 Recruiting Class, per Rivals.com for the second consecutive year.

    Everyone in orange can talk all they want. The Capstone Report is not nearly as shrill and tasteless as the propaganda that is put out by Auburn sites. Furthermore, in Tennessee the lack of journalistic integrity is the norm even in print.

    I say they are all jealous, petulant schmucks and need to just accept the fact that Alabama is the dominant program that they used to “think” that they were.

    Besides, until Saban can kill Florida, the entire country is a Gator fiefdom. If the idiots in coonskin or Barners had any sense they would realize their hatred of Alabama and Capstone Report is misplaced. The real evil empire resides in Gainsville.

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