Lane what’s his name

Lane Kiffin’s trash talk didn’t impress one Memphis area recruit. Ian R. Rapoport of the Birmingham News reported the highly desired junior, Keiwone Malone, didn’t even know the Tennessee Volunteer coach’s name.

“Well, it’s just, I think that Lane… What’s his name?” Malone asked during the interview with Rapoport. “Lane Kiffin,” the writer replied.

Great coaching hire Volunteers. You traded a household brand in Phil Fulmer for the Knoxville version of New Coke.

How’d that expierment work out?

But I’m sure someone enjoyed New Coke; some are enjoying Lane Kiffin.

Stephen Hargis of the Chattanooga Free-Press wrote, “But while it was a stupid thing for Kiffin to say, you have to like the moxie behind it and every other verbal grenade he has tossed at the rest of the SEC…Kiffin has injected an adrenaline shot directly into the heart of Vols fans and, just as importantly, recruits and current players. It’s not by coincidence that Kiffin has gone after Meyer, Spurrier and Alabama’s Nick Saban, who have a combined 10 SEC titles and four national championships. The type recruits UT needs to compete with those programs are likely to gravitate to Kiffin’s brash personality. You think a few cocky high school kids don’t take notice when Kiffin says things…”

They’ve taken such notice of Lane Kiffin, the recruits don’t even know the guy’s name.


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    Sept 19, 2009
    The Swamp
    15 seconds after the end of the UT/UF football game

    Lance Thompson in the booth on his cell phone “Aw Nick don’t be that way…oh sorry..Mr. Saban we go way back…just give me one more…hello? hello?”

    Ed Ogre-on is passed out on the sidelines shirtless and drunk with drool running down his chest.

    Monte kiffin is at mid-field shaking hands with Myer and saying “Thank you sir for not scoring that last touchdown. 84 points would have been really embarassing…by-the-way, has anyone seen my son?”

    And in the visitors locker room down the third row of lockers in the fifth locker on the left there is a slight whimpering sound….

  2. 5

    Steve Spurrier is in fact alive and well. When asked about the comments of Lane Kiffin Spurrier responded:

    “Well the ole Ball Coach dont do nothing but Coach a little ball, but if I had my say on it, I’d say somebody needs to be digging a hole for Lane. The boy just aint right and he’s about to find out all about it….”

    When asked what he thought of UTs new Coach Spurrier said: ” oh yeah Monte Kiffin’s kid…Well … the boy is dumb…real dumb.”

  3. 6
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Spurrier isnt hangin 60 plus on anybody. Someone need to take him to the glue factory. Hes still an awesome recruiter, but thats about it. USC has been in the top ten in recruiting since he arrived. Whats it gotten them ?

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