Gruden could mean one and done for Kiffen

Speculation is growing that former Tampa Bay Buccaneer coach Jon Gruden may return to coaching soon, and this time he could be coaching in college. What college? Perhaps the Tennessee Volunteers. speculated that Kiffen’s blunders could pave the way for a Gruden move to Knoxville sooner rather than later.

“With Lane Kiffin getting off to an embarrassing start in Knoxville, his margin for error likely will be fairly small,” CFT wrote. “With a losing season, he could face a storm of demands for his head — especially with Gruden lurking.”

It seems reasonable to postulate Kiffin’s comments have put the young coach on a very short leash. It is also reasonable to assume Gruden would be popular with Volunteer fans; his name was mentioned for the Tennessee job before the Buccaneer collapse. How bad Urban Meyer and other SEC coaches run up the score on the hapless Volunteers could contribute to Kiffin’s future more than previously thought.


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    What’s stupid is not just Lane Kiffin’s actions, but the fact that UT fans wholeheartedly endorse his buffoonery…par for the course from the Vols.

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    what a stupic ridiculous article…you f u c k s have 2 good years and you get all puffy…relax..let it all play out. Go Utes!

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    fyou, it’s sad when your own team can’t beat Alabama, so you have to cheer for another team, Utah. Not only did Bama go to a bowl, something your team wasn’t capable of doing, but Bama went to a BCS Bowl. Big money. Bama just turned in it’s 2nd consecutive #1 recruiting class, and announced it’s expanding Bryant-Denny Stadium to 101,000 seats. Meanwhile, your team’s program is lead by a buffoon, and if you’re objective you’ll know the buttwhippings at the hands of the real teams in the SEC(Bama, FLA, LSU) are on the way.

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    Mr.Kiffin reminds me of that plastic turd that comes in the fancy gift box . Anyway – Kiffin had to do something to prove he’s a real ‘Vol” ( whatever) to the “unwashed hillbilly fan base”.
    Vol Fans need to be honest. Gruden looks a whole hell of a lot better than the Al Davis reject. Such angst !
    Finally – to these pissants that post on here claiming to be Utes or whatever the hell – Go to Hell.

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    I thought a newwspaper was supposed to be non-fiction writing. Oh, wait, this is the Capstone Science Fiction Theater.

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    Mike, even though you put down the Capstone Report, I notice you’re here reading it. Your obsession with Alabama is very telling. Also, it’s newspaper, not newwspaper.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Cappy, did Kiffen slap you around when you were kids or something ? Wow!……Id hate to think he said anything about Bama. You would put out a contract on the guy.

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