Kiffin violated SEC ethics rules

Lane Kiffin’s public attack on Florida’s Urban Meyer likely violated the SEC’s code of conduct.

According to SEC bylaw 10.5.1, “Coaches and administrators shall refrain from directed public criticism of other member institutions, their staffs or players.”

It is the same SEC bylaw section that prohibits public criticism of officiating, “10.5.4 Coaches, players and support personnel shall refrain from all public criticism of officials, which shall include making public any specific communications with the Conference office related to officiating. [Revised 6/1/07]”

Kiffin’s comments also likely violate bylaw 10.6.1, “10.6.1 Coaches and administrators shall refrain from making public statements and accusations with regard to infractions concerning member institutions and their personnel. Should questions by the media be directed to these individuals concerning published reports of infractions, appropriate responses should state that such matters, if valid, are reported and investigated in compliance with established Conference and NCAA procedures.”

Since Lane Kiffin is new, the SEC also includes an outline of the process to report violations in 10.6.2, “The standard procedural process for reporting alleged infractions with regard to member institutions shall be as follows: [Revised 6/1/96]

(a) A coach shall make all alleged infractions reports to the Athletics Director or his/her designee, and inform the head coach if applicable. Coaches shall refrain from making any public statement regarding such allegations. Individuals making such a report shall avoid hearsay and shall provide sources of information;

(b) Should the Chief Executive Officer, Athletic Director, or his/her designee, after careful analysis, believe sufficient basis for complaint exists, he/she will immediately contact the Southeastern Conference Commissioner, who will, in turn, inform the appropriate athletic director of the complaint;

(c) The Athletic Director, or his/her designee, of the institution involved in the alleged infraction will immediately investigate the allegations and make findings known to the Conference Commissioner who will inform the complainant;

(d) If the alleged violations are valid, the institution will immediately take steps to formally self-report those infractions and any corrective actions taken to the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA; and

(e) The entire procedure shall be accomplished within the structure of the Conference and not with undue pressure of media attention.”