Trent Richardson Watch

UPDATE: Trent Richardson picks Alabama

Update: video of Trent Richardson press conference:

UPDATE: A.J. McCarron heading to Pensacola for Trent Richardson’s announcement, reporting. UPDATE: Now Tidesports has changed their report, McCarron is just calling to check on Richardson.

ESPN knows how to milk National Signing Day for all it is worth. With Alabama fans, LSU fans and Florida fans all interested in where five-star running back Trent Richardson signs, ESPN trotted out Richardson for a 15-minute chat.

Richardson did not reveal his decision which is scheduled for this afternoon at a press conference. However, his words will no doubt be parsed more than anyone not involved in politics. Here are a few comments worth considering if you are into trying to read the tea leaves. For more visit ESPN at the link above.

From ESPN SportsNation Chat:
Nick (Nashville): Trent, how important are the offensive styles of teams in making your decision?

Trent Richardson: (1:26 PM ET ) It is very important. I love the I formation and I just need to make the right decision.

Ricky (Buchanan Ga): Trent, its great to talk to you,Is there pressure in knowing if you sign with Bama all the fans expect you to replace Coffee and start.Roll Tide!

Trent Richardson: (1:23 PM ET ) Well look I do not care about pressure. It is about what I can do. I really am not worried about those things. I just want to be ready to play.

dave (shreveport, la): trent, what factors have been most important to you in your decision making process?? Roll Tide

Trent Richardson: (1:21 PM ET ) The football players and how they react to each other and how they treat you. I want to make sure I get along with the players. It is a lifetime decision. So I want to make sure I get great aducation, do what’s right for my family, and really want to make sure I want to be there for the next four years.