Recruiting Update: Tuesday briefing

The situation is fluid.

That is all.

Well, maybe not all. The Alabama Crimson Tide is expected to finish strong tomorrow (Wednesday) as National Signing Day unfolds in all its glory. The Capstone Report will have a liveblog running most of the day, and will post updated commentaries on the trends and interesting developments of the day. One thing we’ll be watching closely is Tommy Tuberville; we want to know what he says about Alabama and Auburn’s signing classes. It could be fun to witness his tap dance.

Ohio State edges in front of LSU
Watching the recruiting rankings, the Ohio State University edged in front of LSU Monday evening. As of 10 p.m. Monday evening (the last time updated before I’m posting this at midnight), the Buckeyes held a 30 point lead over the Tigers. The Rivals top five are:
1. Ohio State 2545
2. LSU 2,514
3. USC 2,404
4. Texas 2,375
5. Alabama 2,263
Other SEC schools: 9. Georgia, 10. Florida, 11. South Carolina, 15. Arkansas, 18. Auburn, 21. Mississippi State, 22. Tennessee, 36. Ole Miss, 41. Kentucky and 71. Vanderbilt.

A.J. McCarron
One Alabama target firmly in the Crimson Tide fold is quarterback A.J. McCarron. You can watch a video of his high school highlights via YouTube:

Sentimore stays committed to Alabama
That fluid description is something that could easily describe the recruitment of Darrington Sentimore. According to The Daily Reveille reported, “The four-star defensive tackle originally committed to Alabama but then considered LSU…Sentimore changed his mind after talking to his coaches and parents.” reported the same quoting Destrehan head coach Stephen Robicheaux, “I think there is no doubt that he is going to play with one of the best coaches in the country, and that’s intriguing to a lot of players,” Robicheaux in an earlier interview. “Guys that go on and play with what in my mind is one of the best defensive minds in the country.”

Tide sends five to NFL combine
The Alabama Crimson Tide will be well represented at the NFL Combine as five players will participate. USC has the most with 12 players attending, CFT reported. Florida will send four.

Tide players attending the Combine are: Antoine Caldwell, Glen Coffee, Rashad Johnson, Andre Smith and John Parker Wilson.

Buyer’s remorse in Knoxville?
Lane Kiffin’s recruiting class looks to be in tatters as the Tennessee Volunteers are losing recruits as signing day approaches.

You know Volunteer fans wish UT’s leadership had waited just a few more weeks and made a run at former Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden. Blutarsky says it best, “If only the Vols had waited a month or so… they could have had a proven, winning asshole instead of a wannabe.”


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  1. 1
    charles rains

    Shock! Moseley wanted Alabama but Al did not offer !Alabama is 5th Auburn is 18 by Rivals !! Alabama will probably get the rest of the top recruits in the state and Auburn will do good to get in the top ten! What did the gut who wrote this get up drinking?

  2. 2
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Charles…………Dude,a I dont know what planet your living on, but Auburn beat everyones prediction even cracking the top 20. If the end up in the top 10, it will be a MAJOR victory for Chezik. I dont see it happening , but if we stopped at 18, I would be very happy.

  3. 3

    Corey Gaines and Johnnie Farms committed to Ol Miss and NC after visiting the farm this week, if Aub stays in the top twenty it will be by Scout’s or Tom Luginbill’s biased ranking. Who in their right mind would want to play for the national loser head coach of the year?

  4. 4
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I wouldnt go that far Bmam. If we hit the lotto and land Patrick, it wouold be a shot in the arm for the final rankings.

  5. 5

    A shot in the arm. Auburn is progressing nicley but they are not in the same neighborhood with Bama this year.
    Bama has a rich looking class coming in this year but, is not basing all of thier bets on any one position. At this point anyone Bama picks up is a bonus to an already great class.

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