LSU fans feel inferior to Alabama

Stewart Mandel of exposed why LSU fans hate Nick Saban so much in a column on the LSU-Alabama recruiting rivalry.

Mandel quoted LSU beat writer Glenn Guilbeau as saying: “Saban going to Alabama was LSU’s worst nightmare,” Guilbeau said. “… It’s always felt inferior to Alabama, and since Saban is at Alabama, LSU fans fear the old days could be coming back when Alabama and Bear dominated LSU. Deep down, LSU fans know Saban is a better coach than Miles and they just can’t handle that.”

It is sad that LSU fans can’t be happy for the man who brought them glory. Pettiness in sports is as bad as it is in politics.

But Guilbeau diagnoses the problem correctly, LSU fans know Les Miles is among the dumbest coaches in the nation. LSU fans won’t admit it, but they were secretly wishing Miles would bolt to Michigan. After watching the pathetic way Miles handled the LSU quarterback situation in 2008 and the disaster on defense, Miles will be feeling the heat in 2009. He must recover and win the SEC West or face the wrath of these insecure LSU fans. A critical step for Miles is not only defeating Nick Saban on the field, but stopping his losing skid to Houston Nutt. Otherwise, Miles just might get another shot at the Michigan job when Wolverine fans decide the Rich Rodrigeuz experiment must end.


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    andre moreau

    long time LSU fan here and there is a bit of truth here. i mean, nobody beat Bear throughout the 1970’s and Bama has a hefty football edge over LSU, though we have dominated of late. inferiority complex –no I don’t think so–that’s absurd. it was the opinion of one writer. I like guilbeau, but it is just fuel for Bama to continue living off a storied past.

  2. 3

    Andre, there is one feat your big swamp rabbit head coach has accomplished, going 7-5 after an nc is a first. We will see you in T-town for ass whipping number two this year, how is that for storied.

  3. 4
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Why wouldnt they feel inferior. All subjects are inferior to Bammer. ALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    I wouldn’t exactly say they feel inferior to ‘Bama, but the feeling of inferiority is directed more toward Coach Saban than anybody or anything.

    The only fans I know of that DO feel inferior to Alabama is the Aubarn fans. lol, Ballplay.

    By the way, this may be old news, but what’s up with your username Ballplay (all jokes aside)?

  5. 8

    I don’t remember the game being an “ass-whipping” this year…LSU/Bama… As I recall, it went into Overtime….. That’s not an “ass-whipping” in any books!!!

  6. 9

    Awwwww! Sour grapes from Alabummer. Gilbeau is known around here as Glen Gullible. You crybabies will really be hollering in another year or so when Slick Nick has alienated all of his assistant coaches and most of his players and has left Crackerland for greener pastures. GO TIGERS!

  7. 10

    If having 2 Crystal Footballs, an unblemished bowl record under our current coach, the most storied venue in the country, and all of our teeth classifies us as ‘inferior,’ then brother, I’ll take it all day long!

    Geaux Tigers and Go Utes!!!

  8. 11

    Geaux says: Go Utes!

    Bamaman says:

    Go FL
    Go S Car
    Go GA
    Go Bama
    Go Ol Miss
    and almost Go Troy


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