Recruiting: Saban’s secret weapon

Nick Saban dominates on the recruiting trail for a host of reasons (he explained some of them last year and you can read how he evaluates players here), but one big reason is his sincerity.

Sincerity is what has Alabama surging in the mind of Lowndes DB Greg Reid. Reid is rated a five-star player by According to Rivals, he is one of the top cover corners in this class. (See video embedded below.)

Reid told the AJC, “He wasn’t like some of these other coaches, making all these promises and promises … [Saban] looked me in the eyes and said ‘I can’t really say that you’re going to come in here and start. You’ve got to come here and be ready to compete because the best man plays.’ That’s what I wanted to hear. [Saban] is a straight-up guy. That’s the kind of coach I like.”

Rival coaches try to paint Saban as a deceitful person who tells players anything to get them on campus, but such negative recruiting tactics won’t work when Saban tells the player in private the same thing he tells the press in public.

Saban always says recruits can come in and play, but only if they come in with the right work ethic and grasp the technical issues of the Alabama system (offensive and defensive respectively.)

Alabama might not land Reid on National Signing Day, but Alabama has a chance because of Nick Saban’s sincerity.

Who would’ve guessed that was one of Saban’s secret weapons on the recruiting trail?