Miles wants Rueben Randle

Les Miles wants Bastrop, LA., receiver Rueben Randle so badly he has the state government getting involved.

According to the Advocate, Randle received a personal tour of the state capitol from the governor’s chief of staff. The government official met with the recruit “at LSU’s request.”

“Teepell said there is a paid internship slot in the Governor’s Office for a student-athlete typically selected by LSU football coach Les Miles. Teepell said the slot is open but that he did not offer it to Randle,” the report said.

It looks like Miles is pulling out all the stops to land the nation’s top receiver prospect.


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    Probably, but for it to be enforced:

    1.) The NCAA would have to be fair and NOT be a selective mafia

    2.) Okay, there is no #2.

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    WarBloggle is an Idiot

    Ruben Randle at wide receiver and a chicken in every pot. Looks like it’s politics as usual in that cesspool known as Louisiana.

    It also clear to me that the receipt of a paid job by a student athlete that the Head Football Coach covets is a blatant extra benefit. Of course, the NCAA is a bunch of PUSSYcats when it comes to across the board enforcement of violations. I think they are more concerned with the appearance of their authority as they shake their fingers at schools for using smoke machines to introduce recruits at official visits.

    Seriously, a school has to self-report using a smoke machine. But, when a coach makes it known that if a player comes to his University as a student-athlete that in consideration for his athletic service to the school he will receive a PAID internship;;;; and yet the NCAA does nothing.

    Yeah, Alabama fans were just rediculous for crying foul about those BS sanctions seven years ago. After all, we should know better. We actually should have told that high school coach that he’d have to get his Expedition as a paid intern at the Alabama Legislator. I’m sure he would have been a great janitor, er intern.

    If they didn’t have a disproportionate amount of hot women, I’d be in favor of kicking Louisiana out of the union and the SEC.

    I’m still trying to get over New Orleans. No matter how many showers I take I still feel dirty.

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