Oops! Kiffin already violating NCAA rules

Lane Kiffin has begun his career as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers in great fashion. He’s already committed a secondary rules violation (or at least a possible rules violation.) According to Govolsxtra.com, “coaches used smoke machines as recruits entered the field from the tunnel inside Neyland Stadium when the Vols hosted prospects on official visits earlier this month.” This has been self reported by the university.

The Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron brain trust is already showing what it is worth.


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    There’ll be a book to be written one day about all the rules that staff will break. It’ll be interesting too to see if, in an interesting twist, Coach Fulmer uses whatever influence he has left to sink that program as well. 🙂

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    I’m second to none in my dislike of the Viles, but using a smoke machine a violation? Give me a break. More reason to hate the NCAA. Soon they’ll legislate against breathing. I hate ’em.

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    it isn’t the smoke that was a violation it was the simulated game entrance…from what i heard they went as far and having a mock post game press conference….NCAA rules say that there may be NO simulation of game activities…the new Washington coach reported the same violation when he had only been on the job about 3 weeks

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    D-U-M-B. You are really reaching for something to complain about here. Way to place the bar high for program that is supposed to be setting the standard.

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    Well, it may be a reach, but it is a violation. Petty? Yes. Extreme? Yes. But a violation? Sadly, yes. The NCAA is impossible to follow. But Lane Kiffin is a pro coach in college ball, and doesn’t have a clue what he’s just gotten himself into.

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    There will no doubt be a book written one day about the many ways in which Saban flouted the rules. I understand he was talking to a junior at Spain Park High School this week. That would be a rules violation. He’s been doing a lot of that, with high school coaches who are willing (or afraid not) to help him.

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    I understand Cheesewiz was talking to one of his two star recruits this week trying to keep him from defecting on Aub and going to UAB.. . . .

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    I have it on good authority that Auburn was offering its recruits tractors and other farm equipment to sign with team Chizik. There will no doubt be an article about this in the next episode of progressive farmer.

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