One vote against Florida and the BCS

The Florida Gators win the national championship and crybabies from Utah to Washington, D.C., are complaining. In the latest protest, 12 members of Congress voted against or abstained from voting for a resolution commending the Gators on the championship. Some opposed the resolution because of the BCS.

But at least one voted against Florida for more understandable reasons—good old fashioned SEC hatred. According to the AP story you can read embedded below, “A spokesman for Rep. Bobby Bright, an Alabama Democrat and Auburn University graduate, said his reasons for not supporting the measure were simpler: He simply couldn’t bring himself to support a school that is such a bitter rival of his state’s universities.”

At least that makes more sense than lawsuits and the threat to nationalization the college football national championship process.

But what the hell, Washington wants to nationalize everything else these days, why not college football? The government does such a good job on everything else. Right?