Rooting against mediocrity & other notes

News & Notes from InTheKnow72
Much has happened over the last week; while I generally serve up a blogger’s entree fit for king, here’s a smorgasbord of goodies for you to snack on. Translation: here’s a few things I’d like to get off my chest…

Alabama Basketball
I can’t believe it, but last Saturday I actually tuned in to listen to an Alabama basketball game. I had vowed at the beginning of the season (or truthfully, after the Oregon game) not to waste my time on them, but my intentions were pure. If Alabama wins a respectable amount of games, there is a chance Mark Gottfried might keep his job, thus keeping Alabama basketball in the tar pits of mediocrity. So I found myself…gulp…rooting for Auburn. In much the same way I looked for silver linings when Shula fell on his face (often), my hope Saturday and from here on out is that every turnover, every airballed free-throw, every inaction by our deer-in-headlights coach, and…inevitably…every loss will push us closer to the edge where Gottfried is able to leave and find something he enjoys doing. Much like the arcade thingy where you insert the quarter in hopes that it will add to the stack of quarters already under the glass, causing the avalanche of quarters to fall down the chute for you to collect, I just hope we can continue to stand around, fail to successfully inbound the ball after timeouts and rack up the L’s so that maybe…hopefully…we can go after a coach who actually teaches the fundamentals of basketball.
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Mike Shula
Speaking of Mike Shula, kudos to him for the high road he took this week at the Senior Bowl. With the opportunity in hand to blast Alabama, when asked what he thought about being let go, he responded by saying “I wish we had done more there so they wouldn’t have had to make that decision.” He could’ve drummed up a number of excuses that would have made headlines, and probably had merit (in particular, the deficit he inherited there due to sanctions). But he didn’t. He did the right thing, accepted the circumstances for what they were, and moved on with his family to do what he loves somewhere else. Way to go Mike.

I read today in the Birmingham News that Auburn landed a Mr. Football, big-time quarterback commitment. He chose the Tigers over Arkansas State, Marshall and South Alabama…who doesn’t even have a program yet. Auburn fans, seriously. When that’s the only ink you can get, you’ve got to come to grips with what has happened to you. You have gone from being Richard Scrushy, CEO to Richard Scrushy, inmate number 1439295. Do you really understand how far off the map you have fallen? Do any of you honestly think Mr. 5-19 is going to do anything more than a Mike Dubose impression? Do you understand that Jay Jacobs has to wear Crimson pajamas at night to have done what he did to your program? You traded a proven winner for a proven loser. Those trades rarely turn out well. Man it stinks being you.

I told my little girl I hoped her class would let her witness Tuesday’s inauguration. Not because I voted for Obama; I didn’t, and if the election were held 100 times, I’d vote the other way every time. But because this is history. While I didn’t contribute to it, and think he is full of the same fluffy meringue Tommy Tubberville was filled with, he is still about to be our president. And now, I support him. I pray for him, and to my children, I laud his efforts in the highest office in the world. He’ll age 10 years over the next four, but hopefully be able to deliver some of that change he has been singing for 18 months now. My gut tells me all that talk did was change his address, but maybe I’m wrong. There’s always a first time.