HOPELESS: AU fans reach pathetic low

Not able to deal with the humiliating 36-0 Iron Bowl blowout loss and the hiring of an incompetent 5-19 failure as a head coach, Auburn fans are now trying to do what they always do when they lose—accuse someone else of cheating. This is made comical since Auburn ranks among the most consistent NCAA violators with 7 major infraction cases. That puts the Tigers just one violation behind SMU. You remember SMU, death penalty and all. That is great company for Auburn.

So that graphic being touted by WarBlogle.com actually has a much different meaning than thought; seven is the number of your cheating.

7 the Number of Auburn\'s cheating
(graphic from WarBlogle.com)

Here is a handy chart we prepared last year to show just how big Auburn’s cheating success has been.