HOPELESS: AU fans reach pathetic low

Not able to deal with the humiliating 36-0 Iron Bowl blowout loss and the hiring of an incompetent 5-19 failure as a head coach, Auburn fans are now trying to do what they always do when they lose—accuse someone else of cheating. This is made comical since Auburn ranks among the most consistent NCAA violators with 7 major infraction cases. That puts the Tigers just one violation behind SMU. You remember SMU, death penalty and all. That is great company for Auburn.

So that graphic being touted by WarBlogle.com actually has a much different meaning than thought; seven is the number of your cheating.

7 the Number of Auburn\'s cheating
(graphic from WarBlogle.com)

Here is a handy chart we prepared last year to show just how big Auburn’s cheating success has been.


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    hmm, I guess it must be my eyes then…because I sure see CHEATED on that graphic. I guess that isn’t an accusation. Care to tell me what the meaning of is is?

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    War Bloggle is an Idiot

    Auburn people ARE pathetic. Here is a thought Barner the Blogger… did you ever stop to consider that The University of Alabama never had a thing to do with Andre Smith or his alleged dealings with an agent. Here is another thought. The only thing that The University of Alabama did with regard to the Andre Smith situation is suspend the best player on the team when he could not refute allegations that have even yet to this day be substantiated. This move that was the proper thing to do per NCAA rules and doing the right thing cost the team it’s bowl game. Had we “cheated” as you so erroneously and clumsily aver, we would have KNOWN Andre was being paid and allowed him to play to win the Sugar Bowl. Alas, that did not occur.

    And yes, if Andre Smith plays Alabama wins the Sugar Bowl. His absence was the reason the game was lost, because if he plays Alabama holds the ball so much that Utah doesn’t get the ball four times in the first quarter. Alabama would have held the ball more, leading to fewer opportunities for Utah. More than likely, Utah only scores one touchdown if Smith plays.

    I thought Aubarn was a school that produced great analytical thinkers and engineers. Obviously, I am now disapointed. War Bloggle must have majored in Sociology with Carnell.

    He exemplifies the pathetic nature of Auburn people. They consistently rejoyce in anything that is even remotely negative about The University of Alabama. They are venomous and shrill.

    There is a common name for behavior they traditionally display. It is called an “inferiority complex”. More than likely, there is a picture of Aubie in the DSM IV. They are the personification of crazy.

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    War Bloggle is an Idiot

    To be clear, I think Utah would have only scored one touchdown in the first quarter, instead of the three that they scored, had Smith played in the game. Thus, making the outcome of the game closer. I think the score should have been Alabama 28 Utah 20.

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    Of course Bammers cheat that is why they beat the greatest team ever…………. Auburn.
    Auburn had a chance to wipe Bama into obscurity by winning 7 in a row.
    So Bammer bribed the refs, Poisoned the tigers and fed the cheerleaders steriods.
    The also paid The Philadelphia Eagles to play AS the Crimson Tide.
    Bammer cheats it is all thier fault that us Aubburners have to hang out here on this crappy blog and defend Auburn Universities honor!!!

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    In fairness to Shane, he didn’t write this article. Everything he writes has his name attached to it….

    So you can send your hate mail to me at info@capstonereport.com just mark it Alan is an idiot or u suck like most all emails that I receive.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Cap…..Its good to see a journalist with as much integrity as youself remain humble enough to have such a witty sense of humor. Hear hear………….(insert clapping hear).

  7. 19

    bummer and jr huh? gives a whole new meaning to WHOSE YOUR DADDY? And JR the how long are you gonna relish on the 36-0 comments It brings that OLD JOKE back to my mind.What do bummers and buzzards have in common? THey can feed on a BARH along time!!! Your one of the good ones jr!

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