ROUT: Tide falls again on the road

AP: The Tide had cut an early 17-point deficit down to 42-37 with the opening basket of the second half. Then Auburn went on a 19-2 run to turn it into a rout.

Auburn powered past Alabama today in SEC play. It won’t shock anyone that Alabama was woeful from 3-pt. range. According to the box score, Alabama shot a scorching 2-11 behind the arc. That is 18.2%; compare to Auburn’s 10 of 20. You can read the quick game summary from the AP below.


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    Dead man walking. Gottfried has lost the Team. He can’t coach them or motivate them anymore. God only knows that the pathetic assistants can’t coach them up.
    Damn folks. Mark tells us that “we are scoring enough to win ” BUT – BUT – BUT – ” letting them score too much defensively ” – I mean – what kind of bullshit is this ?
    A damn Carney can lie better than this and be far more entertaining. Say – Is there any half -ass Carnies that can coach Basketball ?

  2. 3

    Simply because of Gotfriend, I no longer watch Alabama basketball.

    The more they lose (especially to Auburn) the better I’ll feel about Gotfried’s future with the Tide.

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