AU fans learn coach is full of Chizik

(editor’s note: Before I get any hate mail, I’m sure Chizik and AU coaches weren’t going around bragging about this. Coaches can’t talk about specific recruits. However, I wanted to take a fun look at what this story really does to Auburn. It makes AU and the coaching staff look foolish, and AU was foolish to allow its media shills to push this story.)
Gene Chizik’s only selling point is recruiting. He has hired a staff of recruiters and promised a new approach to recruiting—an approach where Auburn goes after the top tier recruits. It is a new world for Auburn fans who spent the last two years screaming stars don’t matter.

Today recruiting stars matter.

It was with breathless amazement last week when Auburn fans and the compliant media reported Chizik had enticed the nation’s top prospect into an official visit. Rueben Randle, 6’3” 195 lbs. wide receiver from Louisiana, was considering the hapless Chizik led Auburn Tigers.

According to Randy Kennedy in the Mobile Press-Register, “The fact that Randle is even considering Auburn is proof that Chizik is off to a great start since arriving on the Plains, even if he isn’t successful in immediately swaying top recruits away from rivals Alabama, LSU or Georgia.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t accurate.

A Birmingham News blog by Doug Segrest broke the bitter news to Tiger fans Tuesday. Randle never had a trip to Auburn planned.

“I don’t know how that got out, but we never scheduled a visit,” Emmit Randle told the Birmingham News.

It was either a lie, stupidity, wishful thinking or spin worthy of Tommy Tuberville.

Chizik’s reputation as a recruiter just might be all spin. If you have to make up a story about getting Randle to visit you to build credibility then you’ve got real problems. Propaganda like this just makes Chizik look foolish, or he just might be full of something. Either way, stories like this usually blow up in your face.


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    You never know what really happened. But Ill give you the Maytag Spin Cycle of the Year Award on this article.

  2. 3

    LMAO, I will give you credit as what you are. A terrible comedian. Even the best of idiots can see their was something not right with this one. My guess is his dad decided to do the brown bag lunch that day but forgot to tell his son.

  3. 5

    LMAO, I will give you credit as what you are. A terrible comedian. Even the best of idiots can see their was something not right with this one. My guess is his dad decided to do the brown bag lunch that day but forgot to tell his son. By the way since your research and reporting skills are lacking as usual doug printed a nice article last week stating that Randle was rescheduling his visit. So should we believe last weeks story or this one?

  4. 6

    Here is what I think happened…someone at the cheerleader recruiting sites talked with someone familiar with AU’s recruiting. This someone mentioned Rueben Randle. Then not fully talking to Randle’s family, the psuedo-media ran the story making use of a secondary source.

    I think it was indicative more of the need to publish something positive about Chizik than anything else. Fans don’t renew subscriptions when they fear recruiting is going poorly.

  5. 7

    BTW AU guy, I find it greatly flattering you would register a domain and put an ad on the site in an attempt to make money off the quality content produced here (nice google ad at the top there!). It is a vote of confidence and while a copyright violation—it is flattering. 🙂

  6. 9

    Cappy, if you think this was based on nothng more than a cheerleading recruiting site relying on a secondary recruiting source (which by definition would not include Chizik or anyone on his staff), why would you accuse Chizik in the main article of making the story up?? Furthermore, of course no one on the AU staff made the story up because that would be idiotic. Nobody on staff would make a up a lie like that, because they would know it would blow up in their face within 24 hrs. What freakin’ purpose would that serve??

  7. 10
    Legion Field

    Regardless of where the lie originated from….it speaks volumes of the state of Auburn football when just the possibility of a 5 star visiting is a cause for celebration.

    There were so many Auburn fans on celebrating the false news of a Randle visit…the server shut down.

  8. 11
    BAMR Babble

    Alabama has a recruit not visiting this weekend from Virginia… Does every little thing have to become something… Look the kid told someone he was going to visit, then he said he could not make it… then his dad said he would not visit….

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Who cares anyhow ? You dont see Auburn fans crying about it. The most that you hear about it is on Bammer sites. Why would that be ?

  10. 13

    Keep up the great work cappy. I fully enjoy reading every thing at this site that you have.Keep giving them hell because the aubies know what is going on in t .town and are crying every day knowing that ass kicking is coming every year now.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK..

  11. 14

    Ballplay, where else would you expect to see Aub being made fun of?. . on an Aub website, come on. Bammers just think it is funny that Aub has sunk so low that they now roll Toomers Corner at the thought of a five star making a visit and we laugh when Aub’s bubble gets busted. We will not get RR either but we will continue to get some of the best with the recruiting master in t-town. count on it.

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    Dave Wood


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    Dave Wood

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    Cap, I think for the most part you do a GOOD job with this site,Sometimes Your a lil BAMMERED but I do think you try to be as Objective as you can. And I still dont care to much about the STARS becuase I dont think the guys who make that star shit are credible enough NOT TO TAKE MONEY to make a Player a 5 when maybe he shoulda been a 3. JMO but This is a very Corrupt World we live in Rich STEALING to get RICHER!

  15. 19

    Bamaman we still could get RR.He is not out of the picture just yet.But big time LSU working buddy of mine has found out that he is leaning toward OKLAHOMA now.I think we are still in the running tho.

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