AU fans learn coach is full of Chizik

(editor’s note: Before I get any hate mail, I’m sure Chizik and AU coaches weren’t going around bragging about this. Coaches can’t talk about specific recruits. However, I wanted to take a fun look at what this story really does to Auburn. It makes AU and the coaching staff look foolish, and AU was foolish to allow its media shills to push this story.)
Gene Chizik’s only selling point is recruiting. He has hired a staff of recruiters and promised a new approach to recruiting—an approach where Auburn goes after the top tier recruits. It is a new world for Auburn fans who spent the last two years screaming stars don’t matter.

Today recruiting stars matter.

It was with breathless amazement last week when Auburn fans and the compliant media reported Chizik had enticed the nation’s top prospect into an official visit. Rueben Randle, 6’3” 195 lbs. wide receiver from Louisiana, was considering the hapless Chizik led Auburn Tigers.

According to Randy Kennedy in the Mobile Press-Register, “The fact that Randle is even considering Auburn is proof that Chizik is off to a great start since arriving on the Plains, even if he isn’t successful in immediately swaying top recruits away from rivals Alabama, LSU or Georgia.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t accurate.

A Birmingham News blog by Doug Segrest broke the bitter news to Tiger fans Tuesday. Randle never had a trip to Auburn planned.

“I don’t know how that got out, but we never scheduled a visit,” Emmit Randle told the Birmingham News.

It was either a lie, stupidity, wishful thinking or spin worthy of Tommy Tuberville.

Chizik’s reputation as a recruiter just might be all spin. If you have to make up a story about getting Randle to visit you to build credibility then you’ve got real problems. Propaganda like this just makes Chizik look foolish, or he just might be full of something. Either way, stories like this usually blow up in your face.