Recruiting: Chizik now 1-0 at Auburn

A recruiting site can be a cheerleader for the team it covers. And who would be a bigger cheerleader than Auburn’s Phillip Marshall? Marshall declared Gene Chizik’s first recruiting weekend a “win.” That means Chizik now has a perfect record coaching the Auburn Tigers. 1-0 baby!

That elevates Chizik’s record to a sizzling 6-19!

Can we expect a People’s Recruiting National Championship for coach Chizik?

It didn’t take Marshall long to abandon Tommy Tuberville. Chizik’s approach to recruiting could help Auburn, but Marshall should have taken a deep breath before brown-nosing the new Auburn coach. At least Marshall’s cheerleading is contained on a fan site instead of a major newspaper.

(editor’s note: This continues a series on recruiting sites and the coverage of recruiting this week at the Capstone Report.)


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  1. 1

    Amen Cap. At least Phil isn’t spewing in a state newspaper anymore.

    I reminded the HSV Times sports editor daily when Phil was moonlighting for the aub site along with his “official” duties.

    That paper is a joke. They can’t even afford new beat writers now.

  2. 2

    Still AUBsessed. 12-2. Best Bama season in 16 years and all you can post about is AU.

    Why am I here? I heard about it on Finebaum. I had to see if Shane was posting it. All of his articles are about Auburn. You’d think you guys would enjoy Bama’s recent success.

    Apparently not.

  3. 4

    errrrr, Cappy…what’s the difference between what Marshall’s doing on his website and what you’re doing here? You trying to tell us that you’re operating an objective, middle of the road outfit here?? Furthermore, why are you even talking about his site on here?? I’m pretty sure he’s never mentioned the Capstone Report on his site.

    I don’t subscribe to Marshal’s site (or any site for that matter). You’re really searching for something bad to say if you think it was wrong for him to call the weekend a win, though. Did you think it was a loss? Why?

    P.S. Sure am glad to know that only us “aubsessed” barn fans are the only ones concentrating on the activities of our cross state rival and perusing their websites.

  4. 5

    What I like is how AUbbies declared SABAN the NC in recruiting in 08 and we were silly, and here it is full AUBSESSED CIRCLE. The peoples NC in Recruiting!

    Sometimes ya wanna laff!

  5. 7

    I don’t have a problem with what Marshall wrote. I just thought it was the perfect example of how recruiting sites cheerlead to get readers/subscribers. I spent the weekend reading through tons and tons of recruiting stories….

    Needless to say, it was an ordeal. While there is a vast amount of information out there, it seems like every team accomplished every item on its agenda.

    Like I lamented in my other post this morning on recruiting—please someone tell me Nick Saban is the devil or that Chizik smells like cabbage!

  6. 12

    i think that the auburn fans have found this article the same way i have…. looking for news on their team and this crap popped up on the search engine. what did this article contribute to anything but alabama fans’ big heads?

  7. 13
    Bama FANj

    Why do you guys always post about Auburn…. It just makes us BAMA fans bad… The best thing to do would be to ingnore them…

  8. 15

    Considering this was written MONTHS ago, your comment is a little out of touch with reality. This again wasn’t a bash against Auburn, but the stupidity of some people in the media. In this case, it was an indictment of recruiting sites.

    Funny how a recruiting site (a different one) was trying to hide Auburn’s latest recruiting indiscretions! Isn’t it? Maybe my point was accurate?

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