Recruiting: Chizik now 1-0 at Auburn

A recruiting site can be a cheerleader for the team it covers. And who would be a bigger cheerleader than Auburn’s Phillip Marshall? Marshall declared Gene Chizik’s first recruiting weekend a “win.” That means Chizik now has a perfect record coaching the Auburn Tigers. 1-0 baby!

That elevates Chizik’s record to a sizzling 6-19!

Can we expect a People’s Recruiting National Championship for coach Chizik?

It didn’t take Marshall long to abandon Tommy Tuberville. Chizik’s approach to recruiting could help Auburn, but Marshall should have taken a deep breath before brown-nosing the new Auburn coach. At least Marshall’s cheerleading is contained on a fan site instead of a major newspaper.

(editor’s note: This continues a series on recruiting sites and the coverage of recruiting this week at the Capstone Report.)