BIG XII it is called defense; Florida 24 Oklahoma 14

Oklahoma scored tons of points during Big XII conference play. Thursday night Oklahoma found scoring difficult against a real defense; the Florida Gators held the Sooners to 14 points en route to winning BCS national championship game.

Oklahoma stayed close, but just like the Gators pulled away in the fourth quarter of the SEC Championship, the fourth quarter saw the Gators dominate the Sooners.

The Big XII’s Big 3 of Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech went 1-2 in the bowl season—and only a last minute rally pushed Texas in front of a mediocre Ohio State team. Is it safe to say the Big XII was a fraud?

One person not a fraud is Tim Tebow.

A quote uttered by Fox broadcasters during the game has come under fire from various blogs, “In such a cynical, sarcastic society, oftentimes looking for the negative on anybody or anything, if you’re fortunate enough to spend five minutes or 20 minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it.”

It is easy to knock Tebow. It is easy to mock him; however, I can say that listening to Tebow during SEC Media Days was a rewarding endeavor. I felt better for having heard him—his message of service to others is refreshing in an era of selfishness. Tebow is a model on and off the field. Why shouldn’t we praise such excellence? Everyone has his faults, but why does praise for a good person generate such vitriol?

Here is the AP game recap:


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