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ESPN reports that Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen has interviewed for the Mississippi State job. Anyone have a clue what the Bulldogs will do? I’m not sure they do.

Auburn fans continue to hold out hope for Will Muschamp to return from Texas. I just don’t think that will happen. Would you scorn Texas for the opportunity at Auburn? Auburn is a good job, but Texas is a better job—I’d say Texas is the best job in the country (followed by Florida, USC, Oklahoma, Alabama, etc.)

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I’d rate likelihood of Auburn hiring Muschamp below the chances of hiring Paul Johnson. Johnson seems like an ideal fit—someone who does more with less and has already thrashed a major Auburn rival by beating Georgia this year. That win shows Johnson can win big games against SEC opponents. Are there any other candidates with that qualification on Auburn’s radar?

The Sporting News reports Turner Gill remains a candidate for the Auburn job. Gill will make a good coach at a major program. However, will end end up in the SEC?


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Paul Johnson needs to find a defense. I would rather have Muschamp above all others. He is a defensive coach. Gill IMO would be a major risk. Heck man,,, a massive 8-5 record at a mac or wac or whatever the crap that conference is aint impressive to me. If we are going the wac mac route , at least go with someone who turned a program into a dominating program, like Hoke. But then again Gill just beat Hoke. So what the crap !!!!!!!!! Pickens are slim on the coaching front. We screwed ourselves by letting Tommy go.

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    This is a bad year for the coaching pool. It was the year Bama hired Price/Shula also. Auburn needs to get an established head coach, regardless. Alabama and Auburn are not good places to go and try to learn to be head coach. Both places need a strong coach to be able to handle the outside interference. So, I believe Auburn needs to go after a head coach that may not be looking right now, I think settling for a coordinator would be a bad move. Muschamp would be good, but be prepared to let him learn to be a head coach, as it may take a year or two for him to adjust. A proven head coach, one who can rebuild quickly and recruit well would be the best choice. But I see none on Auburns list except Paul Johnson. He is probably the best suited coach on the list that would fit Auburn IMO.

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    I think the pool is a little better than people think, but there’s not many “big splash” names. I think Chris Peterson at Boise State would do great at Auburn. He’s been completely dominant for three years at Boise, and I think Dan Hawkins lousy performane at Colorado is showing that Peterson was probably responsible for Boise’s success even before he was head coach. You also have to be impressed with Todd Graham at Tulsa. Another guy that has done amazing things at both Rice and Tulsa in a very short period of time, and he’s a defensive guy who’s leading the nation in total offense. Another guy that has been mentioned is Chuck Martin from Grand Valley State. This guy is 38 yrs old, and he’s gone 61-5 in 5 years at GVSU with two D-2 Natl. Titles. The lower division thing is a little scary, but it worked out pretty good for Ohio State when they snagged Tressel from Youngstown. Anybody that can dominate that consistently is impressive, period.

    Ballplay, I agree with you on Turner Gill. I’m impressed that he took a lousy program and turned it into a MAC champ, but he only went 5-3 in the conference this year. That’s the only good year he’s had. Hell, he might turn around and have 5 more great ones now, but it takes a lot of speculation to say that. That’s kinda risky.

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