Saban addresses McClain fight

The Rap Sheet has Alabama football coach Nick Saban’s response to allegations Rolando McClain was involved in a fight with fraternity members on campus Thursday night. According to the Rap Sheet Saban said, “…And if he made a mistake because somebody else did something, we all make them. I’m not going to penalize him and punish him. We’ll discipline him and change his behavior so he does better and that’s about it.”

You can read more of Saban’s quote at the Rap Sheet.

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  1. 1
    Auburn Man

    What a bunch of Godless thugs!
    The like of this would never be seen @ Auburn. Where fine young Auburn Men, (and women) grace the halls of the finest University in the world. Move over Oxford, Harvard and Berlinische Polytechnica! (and MIT) there is a new standard of excellence in town, And we can swill wine and critique cheese with the best of them!

    Skipper Pilkington-Smythe III
    Auburn Polo team ’87

  2. 3

    One reason is the Auburn pansies would be beat up by the frat boys. Fine young thugs like Trey Blackmon you mean? All Auburn can get now is second class talent that Bama does not want, that shows in another great season by Auburn’s elite coach.haha

  3. 4

    Auburn boy, not only is your school, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, heading in the wrong direction in football, your academic’s are heading that way also. Look at THE University of Alabama, ranked as the #7 public University in the land by Forbes Magazine(highest in the SEC, by the way). UA is also ranked significantly higher in the U.S. News and World Report and Princeton Review, other barometers of academic success. Soon, people will be asking: What’s an Auburn?

  4. 5
    Auburn Man

    Eat me inbred NASCAR buzzards!
    I cannot help it that my Auburn Degree (and father’s wealth) has made me the self made millionaire I’am!
    If you need me for anything dont call. I will be incommunicado on Bobbo Lowder’s jet dive bombing unfortunate 3rd world starving orphans with with water balloons! Next stop Ethiopia!

    I am Auburn Man….the cream of society!
    Real Men play Polo!!!!

  5. 8

    Bamafan, you’re a freakin’ idiot. Forbes did not rank Bama as 7th. Forbes simply printed an article about a two year old organization called the Center for College Affordability & Productivity (”CCAP”), and CCAP is who ranked Bama 7th. (Ever heard of that organization?? Neither had anyone else before that Forbes article.) The main component that ranked Bama so high in the CCAP rankings was the reviews from students, which “unheard of” sources such as US News & World Report don’t rely upon. You know why they don’t?? They realize that schools that will pack 92K people into a football scrimmage will probably have a disproportionate number of students that will say “we love this place!!” in reviews.

    Congrats to Bama on the ranking….I guess. I hate to be the first one to rain on that ranking, but it’s probably a little skewed. First of all, this ranking wasn’t compiled by Forbes Magazine. It was simply printed in Forbes Magazine. (I fully realize you said nothing to the contrary, Cappy. I’m simply pointing it out for those who might not have realized it). The rankings were compiled by a two year old organization called Center for College Affordability & Productivity (”CCAP”). CCAP acknowledges that U.S. News & World Report is the far and away the most popular and widely accepted ranking system, but takes issue with USNWR’s ranking criteria (shocking that they would do that to a competitor, if one could grace CCAP by calling them a competitor of USNWR). USNWR ranked Bama 42nd in its rankings. (In all candor, Auburn was ranked even lower this year at 45). The main component that ranked Bama so high in CCAP rankings was the reviews from students. Is it really surprising that the students from a school that packs 92K in a stadium to see a scrimmage would also give a disproportional number of positive reviews to the school overall?

  6. 10

    Oh yeah…

    It’s a terrible thing to have students that actually give their school a good review.

    I bet Saban bribed them to do that. You know he did!

    It’s not fair!!!

  7. 11

    Julio, have you no shame man? Your team is a disgrace to the sec and all that you can do is troll a Bama website attempting to discredit your daddy’s program. I know it will drive an Aubsessed fan crazy trying to stay in the Tide’s shadow, so just get over it and go to your loser program website, maybe somebody over there will give a crap about anything you have to say.

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