Johns case highlights discipline & punishment

Nick Saban has a sophisticated view of discipline; he believes discipline is a restorative process where a player who has done wrong is gradually returned to fellowship with the team. In this view, punishment is a tool, not an end.

But sometimes players just cross the line. You can’t throw them a lifejacket. They are too far out.

Jimmy Johns is the perfect example. He has to pay the price for his sins.

In this case, his transgressions are serious. According to the Rap Sheet, Johns sold to undercover police officers five times. Johns is facing seven drug charges.

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There’s no way to restore Johns. He had to go from the team and the University.

And this is the time to praise the police for their investigative efforts. While Johns is innocent until proven guilty, the police seem to have done their homework and conducted a model investigation. This is what we pay the police to do—catch major criminals.

For the latest information on the case, you can follow the developments from the best Alabama beat writer, Ian R. Rapoport.

Here’s what the TV guys are saying about the Johns’ arrest.