Discipline Crisis

Another weekend, another arrest. The Strip was a problem for the football team last year, and has already made its mark this year with the early morning arrest of Rashad Johnson outside the Legacy.

That makes six arrests in the last year, according to Bamaonline.com. They also reported the Legacy was the venue where three players were arrested over the summer.

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It is another black eye for UA. It gives the impression the inmates are running the asylum.

You don’t win SEC titles, and a national title without understanding the road to victory; victory requires discipline and control. There can be little doubt Nick Saban understands the importance of each. He isn’t an intellectual lightweight; he is a championship football coach.

Alabama hasn’t had discipline in a long time—probably since Gene Stallings walked the sidelines. And it has showed on the field.

You can look at what NFL scouts were saying about Alabama players prior to the NFL Combine. Scouting reports we posted last week on three key players off 2007 Crimson Tide. The NFL wrote damning things about the work ethic of DJ Hall, Wallace Gilberry, and Simeon Castille.

Bad attitudes are contagious. Like a plague they ravage even the healthiest morale.

What is wrong? Why do players continue to make foolish decisions, which embarrass themselves and the University? Why do players insist on partying constantly on the Strip?

Why won’t Saban make the Strip off-limits? What are his plans to end the seemingly endless arrests?

When you win, and players aren’t making the police blotter, you don’t have to answer questions like this. But with weekly arrests, it is hard to dodge the difficult questions. Saban hates these types of questions, but this is a time for answers.