SEC Coaching Buzz & Recruiting

From Baton Rouge:

It appears that Les Miles is bound for Ann Arbor, and many LSU assistants may be bolting even if Miles stays in Baton Rouge.

I’ll say most of this report is laughable. Nick Saban may not be ecstatic with how things have gone his first year in Tuscaloosa, but it would be professional suicide to jump ship after only one year back in college coaching.

Not to mention the fact that Saban is hard at work. I don’t think he is the type of person to attempt to turn back the clock—he knows time moves forward, and a return to LSU would be an attempt to do the impossible.

The LSU turmoil must play into Alabama’s favor in recruiting battles. The Alabama staff is working hard in Louisiana. Something it would be doing regardless of the coaching turmoil; however, there is no better time to raid the state than now.

Burton Burns visited Chase Clement and Nick Saban visited Tyler Edwards. If you are keeping up with recruiting, then you’ll no doubt enjoy some of the rules. Andrew Bone in his column at explained a few recruiting rules as the major push begins: “The “Contact Period” allows six in-person off-campus contacts per student-athlete during the time period (no more than one per week) through signing day with exceptions. No contact on Dec. 16 (Quite Period) and Dec. 17-Jan. 1, 2008 (Dead Period). Jan. 2-3 is also a “Dead Period”, but staff members may have contact with a student-athlete who is a mid-term enrollee. Kicker Corey Smith expects to enroll for the spring semester. More on the recruiting calendar next week.”

Nutt welcomed by Ole Miss:

Arkansas fans are the model for idiocy. They have run off Houston Nutt, who won three division titles and earned two trips to the SEC title game. Nutt had some troubles, but for the most part he has exceeded expectations. At least Ole Miss fans know they have improved their situation. Nutt is a good motivator, hard worker and solid football coach. The biggest threat to Alabama from Nutt and Sly Croom is their ability to keep talent in Mississippi—a fertile recruiting ground for Alabama.

What about Tuberville and Arkansas?
The tension in Auburn is growing as Auburn appears at an impasse in contract negotiations with Tommy Tuberville. I’ve written that I expect Tuberville to remain in Auburn, and that his A&M and Arkansas candidacies were more PR than substantive.

I believe Tuberville will remain in Auburn. However, there is more fear among Tuberville supporters now than ever before. Is this just more bargaining pressure or is it a result that Tuberville wants to screw Auburn and bolt?

The tension is growing because Tuberville and Auburn have not made any new deal, according to reports: “But a source familiar with the proceedings said there are significant contractual issues to be resolved. The same source said Tuberville has not agreed in principle to a contract extension.”

Basketball loss:

What can we say about the basketball team? I fear it is another year for the locust to eat. And I’m not getting any younger.