It isn’t Shula’s fault!

It isn’t (totally) Mike Shula’s fault. It would be easy to blame him, and yes, the miasma that surrounds the current players are the product of his incompetence—but the problems go back much further.

These players quit, won’t fill assignments and won’t accept responsibility for their actions. The players know it—they are listless, without leadership and without pride. They don’t know how to be champions, and what may be the most astounding thing I’ve ever seen, they don’t seem to want to learn how to be champions.

Nick Saban gave us a snapshot of what was to come on his fiery radio program Thursday night. I was driving home from the hospital (my sister had a baby) and got the rare chance to listen to the show. To say that Saban was intense would be an understatement. He was animated—it was the best radio program ever by an Alabama football coach.

It turns out it was revealing far more than most would have thought.

Saban kept saying players won’t finish. It is easy to grasp the truths there: They won’t finish plays. They won’t finish practice. They won’t finish workouts. They won’t do what it takes to be a champion.

Fans wonder why certain players aren’t on the field, and other players are. There’s the answer. The players who give a damn are playing. The ones who don’t, are warming the bench.

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And that is obviously the case with J.P. Wilson. He may stink up the place from time-to-time, but he is all the team has. (Normally, I’d go into a rant about how I think the offensive coaching staff has taken a decent quarterback and turned him into a horrible one, but it isn’t totally the coaching staff’s fault.) The people around Wilson are failing him more than he is failing his team. When the line can’t run block and when the line can’t pass block, how can anyone expect the quarterback to be effective?

Yes, Wilson has his flaws—but his sophomore season wasn’t bad at all. The problem with Shula’s team last season wasn’t offensive production. We saw lots of production moving up and down the field. Shula’s problem was the team couldn’t do what it took to score points.

Why couldn’t they? The coaches wouldn’t get the players to work hard. The players weren’t in condition, and they weren’t working hard in practice. How could they expect them to score points in a game?

This year the coaches can’t get the player to work hard. I can assure you it isn’t that Nick Saban and the coaches don’t know what they are doing.

It is simply the players don’t give a damn. They are happy with mediocrity.

Saban made a serious mistake starting the season. He should’ve cut players with these bad attitudes. Yes, it would’ve meant an even worse season than this; however, it wouldn’t have gotten the irrational expectations rising in the fan base.

But I said before this isn’t Shula’s fault. But it sounds like I’m blaming Shula. He has his share of culpability for recruiting these miscreants. But Shula never would’ve been here if it weren’t for the real people who have ruined Alabama football.

Take a good look in the mirror. It is probably you.

Alabama’s troubles today began when Mike Dubose was elected Alabama’s head football coach by the fans. The loud tide of fans who demanded Dubose be hired launched Alabama into a decade of misery and mediocrity.

It was the hubris of fans who wrought this disaster. Not the NCAA, not Phil Fulmer, and not Mike Shula.

Without the fans, Dubose wouldn’t have happened. Without Dubose, the nightmare of the last decade wouldn’t have happened. Without the nightmare, there wouldn’t have been a Mike Shula.

Now the fans who are hurting from the recent loss, and are looking for someone to blame, here’s my advice: Shut up. It is your fault.

Not Saban’s.

Not Shula’s.

Not anyone but you.