Another loss, another commitment

Nick Saban talks about rebuilding being a process. While the process is underway you have to take the good and the bad. The loss was obviously bad, but at least the season is nearing an end, and the important recruiting efforts are bearing fruit.

On Wednesday, Alabama filled a major need at linebacker with the verbal commitment from Tennessee standout linebacker Dont’a Hightower. Hightower is rated a four-star by and a four-star by

Hightower is expected to play inside linebacker based on his conversations with defensive coordinator Kevin Steele and head coach Nick Saban.

This makes two big commitments from the state of Tennessee. How long until Fulmer starts holding secret meetings?

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Tuberville watch

The Tommy Tuberville watch continues unabated. Auburn fans are now split, with a rising tide against Tuberville remaining in Auburn. It is an interesting phenomena and an interesting study in a loopy fan base. Auburn begins the year 1-2, and fans want Tuberville’s head. Tuberville steadies the ship, owns Urban Meyer, and fans love him again. All the support Tuberville sites pop up. It is obvious Tuberville will stay on the plains.

But Tuberville refuses to say only a pine box would remove him from Auburn; Tuberville gets spanked by Richt and Georgia. All bets are off. A growing chorus of Auburn fans want Tuberville out.

I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, losing Tuberville would be a major mistake for Auburn. While he has not really contended with a full strength Alabama team, he has managed to defeat top quality programs including Georgia, Florida and LSU during his tenure. I still believe Pat Dye is the best coach Auburn has had; however, Tuberville has done better than I expected.

For Auburn to get rid of Tuberville would harm their program.

Besides, I want Tuberville to stay so Saban can wipe that smirk off his face just like Richt has done these last two seasons.
Speaking of Richt and Tuberville

Kevin Scarbinsky continues his Auburn obsession with a column warning Auburn fans how good Georgia is and should be. I picked Georgia to win the conference this year. Perhaps I was a year early. In any case, Scarbinsky has a great paragraph: ncluding his well-documented trip to Talladega last April, where he bench-pressed a beer keg, and his successful visit to Tuscaloosa in September, no outsider has had more fun in or with the state of Alabama in recent memory.

Croom love

Sly Croom has become a hot name around the conference and media. It looks like he could be a major player during the coaching shuffle expected to occur this year. Croom would be a strong choice for any school wanting a minority coach—he would be a strong choice for any school wanting a good coach regardless of race. If I were on the search committee at Nebraska, Croom would be on my list. He would restore credibility and dignity to a program flirting with disaster.

Here’s a story on Croom’s big win, and how the coach and Bulldogs responded:

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    Auburn’s fan base is “loopy?” You are freaking kidding me. Have you forgotten that drunken mob scene that is oh-so-representative of the so-called ‘bama nation’ that greeted Saban last winter??? THAT is what is going to make his tenure at T-town short. Who wouldn’t hate having to deal with the goofball mullets that make up the majority of UAT fans???

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