Miss State wins state title

Mississippi State performed better in almost every facet of the game Saturday in an upset win over Alabama. The Bulldogs defeated Alabama and Auburn in the same season—making Mississippi State the de facto best team in the states of Alabama and Mississippi.

Croom was long thought to be a dead man walking, but he has performed a very strong turnaround in Starkville.

Much of this week’s criticism will focus on J. P. Wilson’s turnover mistakes. Some criticism will focus on play calling. Still others will pick on coaches. (Quick question: Has Major Applewhite changed his telephone number? If not, he might not want to answer the phone tonight!)

I’ll get a game wrap story posted soon. It’ll also be interesting to check out Saban’s reaction to this loss.

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    Actually I believe that honor should go to UGA as we beat alabama, auburn and troy for good measure

    Hope you guys knock that smirk off tuberville’s face too next weekend

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