Saban Bowl I

The outcome of the game wasn’t what I expected; however, I never thought SEC officiating would be this bad. Whether you were an LSU fan upset at the discrepancy in penalties called or an Alabama fan angry over the reversals, there was sufficient reason to complain. Of course, while the officiating hampered both teams, that is the name of the game in modern SEC football—everyone must deal with the horrible officiating; some weeks it gets you, some weeks it gets the other guy.

What LSU fans should worry about is the complete lack of discipline Les Miles team showcases through its penalties. Even if you ignore the Alabama game, being the most penalized team in the conference speaks volumes about the efficacy of the Tigers coaching staff. Not to mention his idiotic decisions like sending your quarterback out for a pass when you don’t have your backup ready. People wonder why Miles has a poor reputation in coaching, it is because he acts like a retarded version of Mike Dubose. In modern college football, the chances of going undefeated are long, and you don’t want idiotic and needlessly risky decisions to make it even more difficult.

As for Saban and the Alabama coaching staff, you could also point out serious problems in many facets of the game. The offensive line, breakdowns at key moments, and yes even failure to secure the football during critical times of the game. The players were obviously not ready to play this week—one is forced to wonder if they just were in the clouds following the Tennessee win. Much like the hangover following the dramatic Arkansas victory, I’d suspect there was some resting on laurels. Sometimes in athletics and in life, you don’t even realize when you are doing it.

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A few items in case you missed it last week: 
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Alabama should have a great recruiting class. No, I’m not talking about football, but yes, it is good there too, but I’m talking about basketball.

Alabama fan Ray Hornsby was spotlighted by CSTV in this video. You can visit his website at

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  1. 1
    Dave(not that one, the other one)

    As bad as the officiating was, i really don’t want to See/Hear/Read Alabama fans bitching and whining about those reversals. We cannot crow about the Ole Miss reversal and bitch about them when they don’t go our way. It makes us sound like hypocrites.

    We had plenty of opportunities to win the game even without those calls. In fact, Arenas’ TD probably wouldn’t have happened if Caddell’s catch hadn’t been over turned, and i’m not sure we could have gotten more than 3 the way LSU’s D was working our guys over that late in the game.

  2. 3

    I think fans on both sides had many things to complain about regarding the officiating. I agree that the officiating shouldn’t be a crutch—I really haven’t heard Alabama fans moaning about it; however, I think the game was a prime example of everything that is wrong with college officiating these days.

    Not to mention how long the game was. I thought it would never end.

  3. 4
    Dave(not that one, the other one)

    I agree the officiating was bad, and i have heard some callers to various shows complaining about those calls, but we need to get over it and move on. We’ve a tough State team to face this weekend.

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