Scouting Alabama

Understanding your own team is half the battle, and an excellent report in the Birmingham News explains how serious Nick Saban scouts his own Alabama team.
The article explains the purposes nicely, but one sticks out in my mind: To analyze the tendencies created and shake them up.

I’ve talked with coaches and been told by coaches, even high school coaches, eliminating your tendencies to call certain plays in certain situations is very important. Obviously.

But Saban’s approach to self-scouting seems so through, so anal, that it explains why he has a reputation for being a difficult boss. He is going to ask the tough questions and hold his staff accountable.

Again, you should read the story as it gives a small glimpse into the technical way Saban works.

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Fixing the running game

The Rebels are last in the SEC (and 106th nationally) in total defense (446.33 ypg), pass defense (238.17, 76th in the country) and 11th in the league in scoring defense (27.5 points per game, 67th nationally), according to the Ledger-Enquirer. Of course, Ole Miss is expected to put emphasis on stopping the run: We attacked the ground last week, so I’d say they’re going to put a lot of people in the box,” Grant said. You can read more about Crimson Tide’s running game from the Ledger-Enquirer.

Hoover Probe

We will know Saturday the contents of Hoover’s academic probe. The probe has lasted for over $151,000 worth of lawyer time. The probe has even made publications like USA Today.
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