Alabama’s depth chart making sense

Ian Rapoport has an excellent story in today’s Birmingham News on how Nick Saban’s depth chart is making sense. Alabama’s coach made three key moves that jumbled the rotation for the Houston game. Very interesting read, and it says a lot about Saban’s philosophy as a coach.

One of the big elements to the story is how Saban wants even the shuffled depth chart to be something positive: “Somebody doesn’t have to mess up for somebody else to play, you understand?” he said. “It’s called competition. And somebody can play better than the other guy, so you reward him for playing. It’s nothing bad about the other guy, just something good about this guy.”

Of course most fans don’t see it that way. Benching someone is usually thought of as a remedy for failure to perform, but maybe Saban is on to something with this approach.

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The running game will most likely be a major part of the plan against Ole Miss. Missouri, Florida and Georgia have all gashed Ole Miss (2-4, 0-3) for better than 200 yards rushing this season, while even lowly Louisiana Tech totaled 150 yards on the ground in a 24-0 Rebels win on Saturday,according to the Ledger-Enquirer.

Ticket crackdown
Police are cracking down on ticket resellers, Fox 6 in Birmingham reported.