TI poster unravels mystery of anti-Saban site

UPDATE 2: The creator of the site, Mark Rigsby, kindly replied to our email asking for clarification regarding the site. Mr. Rigsby said the site was created to give a good friend (and Bama fan) a hard time.” Rigsby said the site was not intended as a smear to Alabama fans. We’ll take his word for it. However, the creation of the site immediately following the loss to UGA, certainly could be viewed by media and others as the work of “deluded” Alabama fans. We like jokes, but it might be useful to actually, you know, be funny and not rely on stereotypes.

EDIT: OK, so EDSBS is where he got the info and was the one that first pointed out the site. Every Day Should Be Saturday.

A TiderInsider poster did some detective work and revealed what may be the identity of the creator of the firecoachnicksaban.com website. The anti-Saban site, first mentioned this morning on the excellent blog RollBamaRoll.com was created as an attempt to smear Alabama fans. The site was created following the first loss of Saban’s tenure at Alabama.

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According to the information from the TI poster, the website links to a ministry site here: The Fight for Manhood. A supposed Christian ministry smearing football fans. No shock, the site’s owner is from Tennessee. I guess lots of things are different in Tennessee, including the injunction on not bearing false witness.

I sent an email asking the alleged site creator to explain how this obvious attack was in harmony with his alleged Christian beliefs. I’ll post any answers the guy sends.


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    Okay, the paranoia of Bama fans and their insecurity is really obvious in this situation. Someone puts up a humorous site, and it causes Bama fans’ collective hair to catch on fire. That’s just crazy.

    My other suspicion is that there are some people in the Bama fan base who would like to buy that URL for potential future use. Like, for instance, after losing the Iron Bowl.

  2. 2

    Now, there is a perfect example of heads-I-win, tails-you-lose. First, someone sets up a site that is made to look like it was created by an idiotic Bama fan. Then, the critics use the site as further evidence of of how delusional the Alabama fan base is. If people just let it stand without comment, the slander works. If they take the trouble to document what really happened, it shows how “paranoid” they are. Either way, the Alabama fan base is “proven” to be a bunch of fanatics.

  3. 3

    Great analysis there Steve.

    I believe exposing the site and its genesis was important due to the bashing UA and its fans have received from the media and rivals over the last decade.

    There is plenty of things to complain about regarding UA, but our treatment of football coaches over these last 10 years isn’t one of them.

    Dubose was a moron, but he wasn’t ejected until fans exhausted every possibile ounce of hope. Franchione was popular with fans, and the populace was upset when he left. Mike Price would have been retained by the majority of fans, but fortunately the president did the righ thing. As for Mike Shula, according to polls and most message boards, Alabama fans were hoping he’d get another year to prove himself.

    That’s a pretty loyal, tolerant and forgiving fanbase.

  4. 4

    Just another classic example of outsiders trying to give Alabama fans the reputation of being “delusional”. The majority of the negative preception about Alabama fans comes from things said by rival fans such as bringing up the comparison between Coach Saban and Coach Bryant. Anything to make Alabama look bad.

  5. 5

    My point is: WHY DO YOU CARE? What freaking difference does it make to you people that someone puts up a web site that is OBVIOUSLY humorous? It’s just an indication to me and a lot of other people that you take yourselves WAY too seriously and are WAY too paranoid about your “image” in the rest of the country. Here’s a clue for you from someone who has lived all over the U.S.: NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT BAMA OUTSIDE OF THE ALABAMA STATE LINE.

  6. 6


    That’s why Colin Cowherd was talking about the coaching search constantly. That’s why he talked so much about Nick Saban.

    Yeah, nobody cares…obviously.

  7. 7

    If noone outside of state line cares about Alabama then why are you, who is “OUTSIDE THE STATE LINE”, taking the time out to respond to something that you don’t care about?

  8. 8

    I think what gets lost here is that this humorous, albeit VERY irreverent, site was placed on a website seeking donations for a non-profit Christian organization. An organization that has no doubt accepted funds from college football fans, and no doubt from more than a few Alabama fans.

    I personally don’t care. His site was somewhat funny, and merely proved to me that, in the fall, college football even trumps God among men.

    But some people do care. And it was important that the site owner be disclosed as a rival fan, not an Alabama fan. Hiding in the shadows is not “fighting like a man”.

  9. 9


    I cannot begin to tell you how tiresome this ludicrous notion has become that Alabama people are not allowed to defend their school’s image. You’d do it if it happened to your school, and don’t for a second lie and suggest otherwise. The fact that you even bothered to enter this fray is strongly suggestive of how much the unfettered, unchallenged freedom to gig Alabama and her fans is to you. To people like you, freedom of speech is only important if it benefits YOU.

    Sorry, bud. That sword is double edged. Like it or not, people have as much a right to object to anything you say as you have a right to say it. So, I’d say we’re not the ones who need to “get a clue”.

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