Rush Propst denies, dodges allegations

WBRC Fox 6 sports anchor Rick Karle interviewed Rush Propst about the allegations swirling around the coach and the Hoover football program. The Hoover High School coach denied allegations of inappropriate relations with employees at the high school. He dodged giving an answer over allegations of a second family. The entire interview is available on the

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The interview was a major conversation on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network during Wednesday afternoon’s show. During the show both Karle and investigative reporter Hunter Ford, both said they believed Propst’s failure to answer the question about a mistress as tantamount to an admission.

The interview on Fox 6 will air at the top of the news at 6 p.m. and again on the 10 p.m. news. It is available on the website in an extended format, Karle said with approximately 30 minutes of tape for viewing.


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    Here’s a big “WHO CARES.” Propst is an egomaniac who has been given too much power. Blame the people in power at Hoover schools for that. However, I’m not laying awake at night wondering whether he has a second family. The guy just needs to be gone. I know Hunter Ford is looking for vindication on this story, but get over it. The guy is a high school football coach, not president of the U.S.

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    We should care MORE about the people we are putting in front of our youth and they look up to as leaders. He’s in a public school for griefs sake….and he’s been very deceptive. Apparently there are a few families whose lives have been overturned because of his indiscretions and the woman’s….his family, school official’s families, the Duck’s, the Page’s, I’m sure the list goes on and on.

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    Hunter Ford

    Propst may be coming to a school near you, depending on where you live. My best information leads me to believe he will resign at Hoover after this year. He will say he made the decision on his own because he has accomplished all he can at Hoover and wants to take on a new challenge. Some school that wants to win bad enough to put up with him will take him…could be your favorite school…or the one that your kids attend.

  4. 4

    When I say “WHO CARES” I mean that I’m sick of the ink this jerk gets. He’s a freaking high school football coach. Fire him, or don’t fire him. But QUIT GIVING HIM PRESS. In the larger scheme of things he’s NOBODY.

    This is the problem when sports publications like SI start covering high school sports. It’s purely ridiculous.

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    Did you see his wife on the interview? No wonder he is fucking all your women.

    You could see how he would get tired of his wife…you can tell she is a bitch

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