Crybaby journalists

So Jenni Carlson can make fun of football players, but when a coach yells at her, journalists get their panties in a wad?


I’ve seen real journalists have their lives threatened for writing about indicted criminals; I’ve seen real journalists thwarted by government officials, maligned by investigators and their lives made difficult.

Jenni Carlson got yelled at, and somehow this is rises to the level of being disrespectful of all journalists?

That’s laughable. But what else can you expect from pretentious windbags at organizatoins like the Football Writers Association of America or the Association of Women in Sports Media.

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According to the link above, the FWA said: Football Writers Association of America president Mike Griffith called Gundy’s behavior “completely inappropriate” and suggested the matter “could have been handled in a more private and appropriate matter.” and the AWSM said: The Association for Women in Sports Media said Monday night that Gundy handled the situation in an “unprofessional manner,” and while he has a right to his opinion “his decision to air his objections in the form of a personal attack shows a lack of respect for all journalists.”

Let me see, Carlson has a public forum, but OSU coach Mike Gundy can’t respond in a public forum?


Of course calling Carlson or any sportswriter a real journalist is probably borderline absurd. Real journalists probe corruption. Real journalists write about things that matter. Despite all my interest in football, football doesn’t really matter. Politics matters. The two-year college corruption scandal matters. What Britney is doing with her life matters.

Gundy’s tirade against Carlson wasn’t obscene. It was pointed, and while lacking class, is only an issue because Carlson is a woman.

That’s the real crime here.


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    Josh Centor

    Gundy certainly took it too far, but Reid is a college kid. He shouldn’t be subjected to the same criticism as professional athletes who are paid millions of dollars. He’s an amateur. I’m all for freedom of speech, but this crosses the line.

  2. 2
    Hunter Ford

    I have been taken to task by coaches before for things I have written. I have also written stories about industries that were polluting water in south Alabama and have hed executives from that industry call me out as a “much raker.”

    If you take on a controversial subject, or if you make a power broker mad, or if you are simply unfair or go too far, as a journalist you have to be prepared for some back lash. It comes with the uniform. When you suit up and hit somebody, YOU WILL GET HIT BACK more often than not.

    Being a female does not protect you. I think the football writers association probably could have left this alone, but I guess they are advocates and are doing what they think is their job.

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