Saban asks fans to have class

When did it become necessary for a coach to ask fans to behave? The coarsening of society in general, fired by the excess use of alcohol around sports has created a dangerous situation throughout college football.

Saban used his Monday press conference to urg fans to behave with class. He didn’t get into specifics, but could he be referring to this allegation from Pat Forde’s ESPN column about the game?

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Saban alluded to the possibility a coach got a late-night phone call over the loss.

No doubt, alcohol-fueled.

Going back to the Auburn game last year, a player was allegedly hit by a bottle thrown from the student section.

To paraphrase the great American philosopher: “Alcohol, the solution to and cause of all of life’s problems.” Drinking is part of sports; it isn’t going away. However, most of the problems related to drinking still revolve around students. Hopefully, students can learn to be responsible and adult in drinking and behavior.

The buffoons on WJOX (the Roundtable) are having fun picking at Alabama fans over Saban’s statement. Unfortunately, these guys spoil the message—instead of focusing on the real problems (unruly fans), these guys turn it into an attack on the entire fanbase and muddle the point. These guys are so bad it makes me long to hear Ray Melick.


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  1. 1

    I think the students should get a pat down before one game to see if they have any alcohol on them. Not a big conference game, because that would take forever. Just do it before a cupcake game to teach them a lesson.

    It would make more sense if a player got the call instead of the coaches. I doubt they have their numbers listed in the yellow pages.

  2. 3

    It isn’t that hard to get a number, even if it isn’t listed.

    It is possible a player got called, but listening to the press conference (which WJOX is playing over and over and over and over), Saban seemed to just make a point of saying coaches.

    How did the interview go? Have a good feeling? And by not telling her to stfu, you already havea shown you play well with others…

  3. 4

    Interview went ok, although I did bomb the question she gave me about what I would do if some situation happened while performing an audit.
    She did ask me if I had any living arrangements set up (the job is in Atlanta) which I’m hope is a good sign.

  4. 5

    Atlanta. That’s either a fun place to live or a nightmare.

    I think it just depends on how long the commute is. 😉

  5. 6

    Saban should have realized what he was getting into when that mob of drunken rednecks greeted him in T-town last winter. He’s whining now, but he was warned.

  6. 7

    “was allegedly hit”

    If the incident was “alleged”, why were so many NFL scouts interested in the condition of David Iron’s eye prior to the NFL combine.

  7. 8

    It was alleged because I didn’t see it.

    I do believe it happened though…and I believe it proves my point about the problems involving alcohol and sporting events.

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