Positive buzz from Saturday’s win

The buzz from the Arkansas win is mostly positive. Check out this blurb from The World According to Garp: ”Alabama, welcome back, the College Football world has missed you.  That was an impressive come from behind victory over a good Arkansas squad.  You get LSU at home, and you have a team that could upset them.  However, it will be tough to get to that one still undefeated.” 

Matt Caddell caught a career best nine-receptions for 91 yards, highlighted by his impressive work on the final drive (four receptions including the touchdown catch to deliver the victory.)

The Alabama victory over Arkansas was so dramatic, even Georgia coach Marc Richt started feeling the emotion of the game. One other item: Georgia has not settled its offensive line rotation. According to the AJC report, the guard rotation remains unsettled.

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Alabama fans impatiently wanting into the polls, got their wish following the Arkansas win. Alabama notched a 16th place in the AP poll and a 20th place in the USA Today coaches poll. Not bad for Nick Saban’s first season. How long the ranking lasts will depend on an improved defensive and offensive performance.

Will Heath (a real sportswriter) provides some perspective on the game, particularly on the coaches. Re: Houston Nutt: He did the right thing by not panicking down 31-10 and throwing the ball all over the place…and Re: Saban: How many of us would’ve had the stones to kick that field goal on the penultimate drive? … how do you kick the ball right there? HOW? Seriously, HOW? click here to read more as the post is extensive, and worth the time. After all, he uses penultimate correctly. That is writing worth reading!

Tide Druid provides an answer to Saban-haters by showing how some opponents just can’t stand to see the Tide do well.

Memphis Tider provides a few links and some great photographs from the game.

Sidenote: The Volunteers are 15-12 in their last 27 games, according to Mr. College Football.