Mascots fight at Pac-10 game

The Pac-10 thinks it is the best conference in the nation. Well, they certainly are the wackiest. Where else could you see a guy in a duck suit beat up a guy in a cougar suit?

It reminds me of watching a Donald Duck cartoon. Donald had the temper problem. Just like Donald, this duck needs anger management classes.


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    Not a surprise, but Disney and the U. of Oregon got into a bit of a legal battle over that mascot a long time ago. I guess they settled it since he’s still around bashing cougars.

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    Really? That is interesting. If the dispute was still running, this would be evidence the duck is really supposed to be Donald. 😉

    Did you see the cute cheerleader with the bow in her hair defending the Cougar? Fiesty girl!

    BTW, was there a roundtable question this week? I think I host next week, but I haven’t seen anything in my email. Guess I shouldn’t wait until last minute to ask….

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