Seismic changes in college football

I’ve said for weeks that FSU would be beatable. I think more people would agree with that now. I didn’t think Alabama would stand much of a chance against Georgia; however, you can’t tell me South Carolina is really much better than Alabama. Because of the seismic changes from this weekend, the future looks brighter than ever before.

Auburn fans, already worried about a resurgent Alabama program, are like dogs turning on one another. The blood is beginning to flow as the factions within the Auburn family argue over Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville remains unpopular with a segment of Auburn fans. The loss over the weekend combined with worries over Alabama and recruiting woes (qualification issues and being out-worked by Saban) has Tuberville at his lowest popularity since Jetgate. Tuberville could easily squelch the turmoil as he has done in the past with victories on the field. But Tuberville has done his winning when his chief rival was at its lowest point in 50 years.

In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy watching Auburn fans boo and argue. Very fitting.

Just how big of a weekend of change was it? Not only did Auburn lose to USF, but South Carolina beat Georgia. The Gamecocks beat the Bulldogs for the first time in six years. The Gamecocks now are ranked 17th in the AP poll, which is the highest rank since 2001.

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Alabama has a long way to go to become a good football team. But the Vanderbilt win was a necessary step. The team just looked tougher than any time since Gene Stallings coached the Tide. That makes me optimistic about Alabama’s chances of winning.

Arkansas has become a pivotal early rivalry game to determine the shape of the SEC West. If Alabama wins, it positions itself well to challenge for the division (of course LSU will win the division, but a shot at second place is possible.) With second place, a very nice bowl. But to get there will take a lot of work, and more than a few breaks.

It is a long season, and close games and upsets always happen. But there is little doubt after Saturday that the SEC West is wide open.

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    Yes. Like I said, LSU will win the division, but the rest of the division is open. Every single team in the West is beatable (outside of LSU). I think the race toward second will be fun.

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