Roundtable takes on Vandy game

The Crimson & White Roundtable is up this week, hosted by Eight In The Box. Check it out if you are interested in what the best minds in college football are saying about the Tide’s chances against the Commodores.

More thoughts on Baumhower
Earlier this week I defended Bob Baumhower standing by his defense of Shula. I stand by those words. I would like to add after viewing Baumhower’s pr offensive this week that I have come to one conclusion about the man. He’s an ass.

If you don’t want people being critical of you, then don’t go on a ***** radio program. And don’t try to blame someone when you are so stupid as to go on a South Florida program where the obvious intent was to get you to say negative things about the former Dolphins coach. Get hit on the head once too often? Play without the helmet? I’m very disappointed in Baumhower’s PR tactics. I was really impressed by him standing up for Shula (though I detested Shula). Baumhower should be better than this.

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Book on Bryant another chance to bash Saban
A really good book on Coach Paul Bryant was discussed in a South Florida Sun-Sentinel column, and imagine how novel it was to see a little Saban baiting in the review. The book Bear’s Boys. The book includes stories of football legends: ncludes stories for such men as 1) Gene Stallings 2) Bob Baumhower 3) Dwight Stephenson 4) Joe Namath 5) Ken Stabler 6) Johnny Musso 7) Barry Krauss 8 ) Marty Lyons 9) John Mitchell 10) John Croyle 11) Jerry Duncan 12) Leroy Jordan 13) Ozzie Newsome 14) Billy Neighbors 15) Cornelius Bennett 16) John Hannah 17) Mal Moore 18) Joey Jones 19) Terry Jones 20) Tony Nathan 21) Wilbur Jackson 22) Don McNeal 23) Ray Perkins 24) Bill Battle 25) Sylvester Croom, and more.

Anyway, the Sun-Sentinel column (which you can read below in its entirety) talks about the impact Bryant had on players like Baumhower, Nameth, Croom and Newsome.

But the whole column is really about delivering an attack on Saban, by comparing him in a negative way to Bryant. The point of the column is reached at the very end, when Craig Davis quotes Croom praising Bryant as a person who cared about people more than games. Davis then asks the question if Saban’s players would remember him the same way.

We know what Davis and other South Florida writers think. These South Florida writers want to call Saban a prick, but that is an interesting analysis coming from schmuck’s like these so-called journalists of the ilk of Dan LeBatard.

Here’s the column:

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    GOOD GOD. I cannot believe that people are still ponying up money to read about Bryant HE’S BEEN DEAD FOR 25 YEARS PEOPLE!! What’s freaking next?? “The Bear’s Colonoscopies: An Inside View by His Proctologist?”

    Seriously, let him rest in peace. THIS IS A FREAKING SICKNESS.

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