Mike Shula enters new chapter of life

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There’s a Shula coaching in the NFL this season. He lives in Jacksonville, he coaches quarterbacks and his baseball cap is pulled anonymously low across his brow as he jogs nigh unnoticed past fans and reporters and into the Jaguars’ training facility, far away from Tuscaloosa…

With those words, The Miami Herald opens a feature story on Mike Shula today, Sept. 6. Shula is now coaching quarterbacks with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Reading the story, I’m struck by how much classier Mike behaved when talking to the press compared to his father, Don, or others in the Shula camp. Mike didn’t bash UA, at least on the record.

That shows maturity. Maybe Mike is learning lessons from his tenure as head coach. Let’s hope Mike has success in Jacksonville.

Here’s the Herald story (flash required):

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    Stop bashing Don Shula. He did what any loving father would do in those circumstances.

    I have no doubt the whole Shula family was happy to see Tuscaloosa in their rear view mirrors.

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