This may come as a shock…

…or maybe not? But the offensive line is doing very well! And get this, they are dominating! The Dothan Eagle tells us, John Parker Wilson is mystified, and not because Alabama’s offensive line is drawing praise lately. The Crimson Tide quarterback can’t understand why anybody would be surprised at such a notion.

Did Wilson watch any game film from last season? Maybe he took one or 200 more hits than he remembers, but the line was kind of horrible last season. It must have hurt his memory!

Having people back is a good thing, but maybe the line looks good because we are weak on defense?

With that said, the line will be better than last year. But could it get any worse? Probably not. I mean Wilson took so many hits he can’t even remember last season.

According to the Birmingham News, the Hoover Gazette published its last paper today.

The Gazette was thrust into infamy when its general manager/publisher John Junkin called into the Paul Finebaum Radio Show and fired reporter Hunter Ford.

As a side note, the heat wave continues. Yes, I’m sure you didn’t know that. But I’m happy to confirm the temperatures are hot. I had to adjust my DirecTV dish because the heat had damaged the bolts holding it in place.

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