For you fantasy football fans

For the fantasy football fans here is a breakdown on NFL quaterbacks and a list of the bye weeks.

Here is another fantasy football article. This one includes an analysis on the best bargains available.

One quick thought on Alabama football. I think our defense will be all right against the pass—well, as all right as one can be with a limited pass rush. My concern remains on the ability to stop the run. Without stopping the run, everything on defense breaks down. You could easily see big plays created because of this inability.

I’m still not certain just how bad the defense will be. I’m always optimistic, and I’ve found things are never as bad as they look or we hear. If we can get a couple of games experience for our new players, I think we’ll be set. I’m starting to worry abou tthe Vandy game because they have a very good quaterback, who can present some serious problems for a young team.