There’s something about Brodie…

Brodie Croyle is generating lots of buzz as he tries to lead the Kansas City Chiefs. Croyle has potential. Just watch the Florida game; however, he was hampered by a pathetic offensive line at Alabama. Of course, Kansas City has similar line problems this season. I hope the Chiefs will be able to cobble together an effective line, or Croyle could end up injured.

Here’s the story, it’ll load in flash. I’ll add a few comments below it:

The best hope for Croyle is the philosophy of Herm Edwards. “We’re trying to build something here. I mean hey, we want to win. We expect to win. But we’re not in this for one year. We’re here to build something.”

That means Croyle, like every young quaterback, needs patience. And patience is in short supply in the NFL.

Edwards said it best: “Brodie has a chance now. He has a chance to be something pretty special.” He can be something special, if he is given time.

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