MEDIA DAYS: Blowhards descend on B’ham

The SEC’s annual Media Days begins soon, and the only thing which comes to mind is the blowhard coaches that will highlight the event. Some are mildly entertaining, some are boring and some are insufferable—the rest are about as interesting as the Baptist minister where I grew up going to church, dry as dust.

Nonetheless, it means practice is close and football season isn’t far behind practice. I’ll post thoughts as they occur regarding the blowhards, errr, I mean coaches.

My first thought about SEC Media Days is how times have changed. In the old days you had to wait until the nightly news to hear who said what. That isn’t the case any longer. and both provide detailed updates throughout the days event. The news cycle has changed, and it is obviously for the better.

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Speaking of the Tidesports, they are doing a great job of providing content from Media Days. Here’s a video of Steve Spurrier, talking like Spurrier always does. This year he tells us that South Carolina’s goal is to win the conference: