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Since Auburn fans and Auburn sportswriters are upset by the AAFL, I thought it my duty to spread the press release information about its Alabama tryouts. I remain skeptical about the league’s chances; however, I really like how it upsets the folks on the Plains.


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    Hahaha…..so you like how it upset the folks on the plains, do you? That’s funny.

    But really, what a bunch of cry babies!

    I am really excited about this league and I think it’s going to be around for a long, long time. You should hear the buzz in the Bama groups on myspace. Everybody loves the idea!

    Roll Tide!

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    James Beard

    Here is what Klosterman of ESPN had to say:

    … this league intrigues me.

    It intrigues me for many reasons, but principally for its unspoken, overriding philosophy: The AAFL is trying to be a professional version of college football.

    “The intention is to play in areas where there are two sports: football and spring football. These are places like Tennessee, where they cram 110,000 fans into UT games and turn away another 80,000 who want to get in. Or in Alabama, where they just had 92,000 show up for U of A’s spring game.”

    But the AAFL has no intention of competing with anyone, and that might be its saving grace. Instead, it’s trying to appeal to the kind of (typically Southern) dude who dreams of a universe where college football never ends.

    “What will make this league different is the relationship it will have to the university system, and the fact that its players will be recognizable to fans,” says the former President of the NCAA and AAFL Chairman of the Board, Cedric Dempsey. “We will only go where the interest in spring football is already very, very intense.”

    It seems like a risky, almost impossible business plan. But who knows? People never know what they want until they already have it. And if the AAFL truly does what it intends—if it creates a professional, lo-fi version of major college football—it will immediately be more watchable than any pro sport that’s currently in existence.

    In the meantime, I have no choice but to support the AAFL. But we’ll see what happens.

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