The C&W Roundtable and other thoughts

The weekly Crimson & White Roundtable is up on Journalism Is For Rockstars. This week roundtable considers three questions:
1.Where was the weirdest place you ever saw Alabama merchandise. It can be on sale, randomly laying around or being actively worn.

2. Did Chris Capps really deserve the heaps of scorn from last season? Why or why not? You can also ride the fence if you so choose, but fence posts are mighty uncomfortable.

3. What do you expect Saban to do when “daddy comes home” and calls the arrested players on the carpet? Or does he?

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In other news:

Harry Potter #7 is out. Whether you read the series or not, there is one aspect of the craze which worries me about society: the lock-step thinking of most of the fans. The negative reaction from fans (at the behest of Jo Rowling) over the New York Times review of the the Deathly Hallows prior to the book’s publication. The reaction was so volumnious the NY Times public editor wrote a column about the controversy.

What worries me is the idiocy on display by fans. Take this post on the blog: That does NOT give you right to be so disrespectful to Jo Rowling or her fans. I would have thought that a paper, like the New York Times, would have been able to use their common sense to realise how big this is; you’re doing nothing but embarrass yourselves. You’re proving that you’re no different from the vermin out there, trying to get their name in the headlines for selling the book early. So many papers look up the New York Times, but you’re just sinking lower and lower when you disrespect Jo Rowling and her fans. Stop trying to be the top at everything; have some compassion and sympathy; have some damn respect and patience.
— Posted by Kelsi

Excuse me? Disrespect Rowling and her fans? Please.

Don’t read the damn newspaper review if you don’t want to know plot points. Just because Rowling wishes something doesn’t mean the rest of society has to abide by it.

The Times said it best: McElroy made an even more telling point: If The Times had waited until Saturday, or even Sunday, to review the book, most readers would not have been able to finish its 759 pages by then.

Fans who have grown up on the Potter series are either adults or almost adults. They need to act their age and realize freedom is more important than allowing mega-corporations and super-star celebrities dictate how newspapers operate.

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