SEC Athletic Department Budgets

UPDATE: The Clarion Ledger story is no longer available online, so the Capstone Report contacted every SEC athletic department and created a new story and a new graph on the 2008-2009 SEC athletic department budgets.
Everyone knows college athletics is big business. Just how big changes with every tv contract. The Clarion Ledger provided a snapshot of every athletic department’s budget and the role private foundations play in funding the programs. To put it into perspective, I created a graph of the SEC schools based on the information in the Clarion Ledger report.

There is little very shocking in the numbers: the Mississippi schools trail the rest of the SEC in money spent on athletics. For almost all schools, the private foundations raised from one-third to one-half the total athletic department budgets. The biggest exception to that rule was Vanderbilt. Vandy raised only about $2.2 million from donations, according to the Clarion Ledger report.