Nick Saban the philosopher

Nick Saban made another public appearance this week. I think that is some kind of record for the reclusive coach. On Thursday, he spoke to high school coaches in Huntsville at the annual All-Star Sports Week. During the speech, Saban turned philosophical and shared some thoughts on human nature, according to the Huntsville Times.

“But if you talk to any sports psychiatrist who knows what he’s talking about, he’s going to tell you that the human condition is to be average. People strive to be average,” Saban said.

That is an interesting observation, and in many cases correct. People talk about individuality, then run to the mall and dress like everyone else. People talk about being great, but then trash everyone who is successful.

The best Saban quote of the day:

“Now, if you read about me, you’d say, ‘That’s impossible,’ because according to everything I read about me, I’m the biggest SOB in the world.”

I guess Nick Saban, unlike Mike Shula, actually reads the newspapers.

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Saban and recruiting

Who knew Nick Saban was intense? OK, probably everyone. But apparently his style works with recruits. For instance take this quote from the #12 CB in the nation:

The Alabama camp was a lot of fun,” he said. “It was very intense. I liked getting to work with coach Nick Saban because he’s a wonderful defensive back coach. I like how intense they practice and I think that they’ll be on-the-rise next year. They also have great fan support and I feel like I’d be able to play right away there.”

And guess where this recruit is from? Yes. La. You can read more about Robby Green on