Mentoring Nick Saban

What was Nick Saban like before he hit it big? The Decatur Daily provides an insightful look with interviews of three men instrumental in making Nick Saban into the coach he is. The Daily interviews George Perles—Saban was defensive coordinator at Michigan State under Perles. Second, the Daily interviews Jerry Glanville, former Houston Oilers head coach. Third, the Daily interviews the person it considers the greatest influence on Saban—Don James, the former Kent State and Washington coach. Very good work by the Decatur paper.

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NCAA Violations

Most newspapers played catch-up to the Birmingham News after the News broke the story about Alabama’s three secondary rules violations in the football program. The latest is in the The Huntsville Times, where we learn a total of eight secondary violations were reported in the last seven months across all Alabama sports programs. For comparision, South Carolina reported eight violations, and Clemson reported seven.

This time Ian and the News scooped the Tuscaloosa News and everyone else.

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