Changes in Athletic Deptartment?

The Tuscaloosa News reported Alabama’s director of athletic marketing has resigned. The department was in the process of being restructured.

Let’s hope the restructuring will be a continuous process in the athletic department, and doesn’t stop here. If only a few more prominent persons were shuffled out the door we could solve most of UA’s problems. After all, it was higher up the food chain where the decision to SUE Daniel Moore was made—and that decision remains a stain on the University. .

Expect to hear football is bad for academics
More than half the ticket requests from UA faculty and staff won’t be filled, according to the Birmingham News. I’m guessing the faculty members left out will soon be telling us how out-of-balance football is at UA, and how bad for academics paying Saban $4 million is.

Those with tickets will be cheering like the rest of us.

Have a happy Fourth of July.

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