Five things you should know about the iPhone

Who wants to think about football or grade scandals when Apple is releasing a new electronics product tomorrow. Here are a few things you should know about the new iPhone. And yes, I plan on getting one. Probably not on release day though. I don’t like standing in lines.

1. It is made by Apple, and that means quality.
By far, Apple is the best PC manufacturer in the market. I have seen Macs last over 10 years in use, and only be retired due to software demands. The hardware is almost always the best in the world.

2. Apple writes great applications.
What will make the iPhone better than any other personal digital device is the software running on it. Apple writes good software. Whether it is safari or iTunes or an OS, you can rely on Apple to build something attractive and easy to use. That’s really the secret to Apple’s longevity. The engineers understand how people think, so from the beginning the usability is kept in mind.

3. It isn’t that expensive.
Sure $499 and $599 sounds like a lot, but the phone performs many functions in one device. First, it is a phone with Internet abilities. Second, it serves as your iPod. Third, it can eliminate the need for devices like Tom-Tom because the iPhone comes with a superb interface for Google Maps. The iPhone isn’t one device, it is many. Also, the AT&T monthly cost is only $59.99 for 450 minutes. This low-cost plan includes unlimited Internet. When compared with other wireless Internet plans from providers with lesser phones, I like this one.

4. Visual Voicemail.

This may be the greatest thing since the answering machine. Now you don’t have to listen to that idotic siding company calling you for the 1,000th time or the recording offering you a free home security system. Visual voicemail lets you see who left a message before you listen to it. Wow. I can’t wait.

5. OSX.

What’s the best operating system? OSX. And it comes on the iPhone, so you can actually multi-task on the phone. Read a webpage as you download your email. OSX is a powerful operating system, and while it will be a different experience—I’ll take that over the cumbersome systems running other phones and personal digital devices.

Did I cheerlead for Apple enough? Seriously, I’m more excited about this device than any computer or electronics device since I got my first hard drive. The iPod was a nice device, but I never was excited about them. This iPhone is something that I can use daily, and it will improve my connectivity. I’ll even be able to blog from my phone. How cool is that!

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