The Montgomery Advertiser’s Josh Moon attack on Saban looks to be part of an orchestrated attack on Nick Saban and the Alabama fan base.

Why does it look that way? Moon’s attack appeared and was followed by Stewart Mandel’s attack on Saban. Mandel’s attack was quickly followed by CBS SPORTSLINE’s Dennis Dodd with a column.

And now we have The Sporting News joining the hit parade. EDIT: I should clarify, I do not believe it is an orchestrated attack on Alabama. Knowing as many “journalists” as I do, I can testify they are too lazy and too stupid to execute this type of coordinated attack.


This attack includes EVERY rumor and bad thing ever said about the Alabama nation. Matt Hayes attempts to blame the fans for every coaching failure After Bryant (or A.B. for the article.) For instance:

“The specific reasons for being run off vary, but nearly every mitigating factor can be traced to access and control by fans and boosters. Among the lowlights: multiple death threats to members of more than one coach’s family; boosters funneling money to recruits; a Board of Trustees member pressuring a coach to raffle off a cake on the back of an 18-wheeler to satisfy a longtime booster; another trustee forcing a coach — two days before a game against a top five team — to visit a cancer patient who wanted to meet the state’s most important man.”

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Was it the fans or boosters fault Mike Price drank too much and liked strippers too much? Or that Mike Price allegedly enjoyed partying too much?

Was it the fans fault that the Athletic Director at the time, Bob Bockrath, (an OUTSIDER) ran off Coach Stallings?

Hayes is right, Alabama fans were responsible for hiring the idiot Mike Dubose.

As for the Bill Curry and the brick incident, I am sick of hearing it vomited by know-nothing “experts” who do not understand the situation or the hyporcisy of Bill Curry. Curry is the type of person who would have thrown the brick himself. He liked to crucify himself to show the world how wonderful he was.

Curry was a joke, a fraud. Someone forced on the Alabama family by an incompetent president who wanted to weaken the football program. And the president got his wish. Curry continues to hurt the football team and the State of Alabama with his self-righteous statements about his tenure at Alabama.

When Alabama fans feel attacked by the media, it is because of the dangerous “groupthink” showcased this week by the local and national press. Alabama fans would be justified to suspect some type of conspiracy when multiple media outlets all publish attacks within hours of the last.